Explore Multi-colored Printmaking | NOW OCT 16th @ 4:30pm

four multicolored prints arranged in a line, printed in different colors

Dive into a world of vibrant creativity with our 'Exploring Multi-colored Printmaking' workshop! Join us to explore the intricate craft of carving stamps and bringing your designs to life through prints. Led by Lauren Emeritz of Abstract Orange, this workshop takes you through the essential steps of stamp carving and print creation. Working as a group, participants will create a collaborative piece that takes advantage of different styles and colors. Upon completing this workshop, you'll possess all the foundational skills required to embark on your very own printmaking projects. No prior experience is needed!

Note: Close-toed shoes must be worn in the Maker Hub. Please see the Maker Hub Policies and Procedures webpage for all Maker Hub rules.

Please be aware that this workshop may be capped due to limited supplies. 

4:30 PM – 6:30 PM
Maker Hub, 1st Floor of Lauinger Library