The Maker Hub Would Like to Thank


The Maker Hub gratefully thanks the following individuals and organizations for their donations to the Maker Hub

  • Jennifer Lubkin Chávez - The Dorset Loom and crafting supplies
  • Deborah Rinn Critzer - Yarn and knitting supplies
  • The EthicsLab - Bookmaking station, Cricket vinyl cutter
  • Michael Johnson - Serger
  • Mike Taran, Maple Leaf Hardwoods - Lumber
  • Andrew Herr - 3D Printer
  • Arjun Dhillon - Printshop and Woodworking tools
  • Christine So - Legos
  • And Many Many others how have dropped off used electronics, raw materials, and various odds and ends for our upcycling supply!


The Maker Hub is extremely grateful to community at The Noun Project, a fantastic website of amazing icons that we use on our website and in our physical space. 

We proudly use icons created by the following designers:

If you find your icons in use on Maker Hub website pages but are not credited above, please contact us at