Library Showcase Needs Your Vote

Screencap from "More to the Story" showing early women students at Georgetown examining a cadaver

The Spring 2022 Library Showcase features 12 projects created using Library collections, software, spaces, equipment, or with assistance or instruction from Library staff. All of the projects selected for the Showcase are now available on the Showcase website.

You can help honor these projects by voting for your favorite for the Voters’ Choice award. We will be collecting Voters’ Choice votes until June 30. We will also be recognizing outstanding projects with the Library Staff Pick award. The animation "Holy Crepe!" received the Voters' Choice award in the Fall 2021 Showcase, while the documentary "More to the Story: Documenting the Lives of the First Known Women Students at Georgetown" won the Library Staff Pick award.

The Spring 2022 semester’s showcase includes photography, video, research projects, podcasts, websites, and graphic designs. We are continually amazed and inspired by the creativity, ingenuity, and research and communication skills, demonstrated by the Georgetown community in these projects.

Winners of the Voters’ Choice award and the Library Staff Pick award will be announced in the Library’s August e-Newsletter.