Recommended Reading: Indigenous Voices, Lives, and Issues

Indigenous Voices, Lives, and Issues

This November, dive into the stories, experiences, and challenges of the Indigenous peoples of Turtle Island (North America). Step away from colonial views and interpretations and explore history, fiction, and poetry from Indigenous authors in our Recommended Reading bookshelf, “Indigenous Voices, Lives, and Issues.”

Check out research titles like Indigenous Methodologies or Decolonizing Methodologies and learn about environmental work with As Long As Grass Grows. If you want to relax with some stories from Indigenous authors, check out options like Bird Songs Don't Lie, Mongrels, The Beadworkers, or Trail of Lightning.

In addition to our Recommended Reads, the library is proud to announce the launch of the Indigenous Voices, Lives, and Issues Toolkit. This research guide is full of resources curated by library staff and Dr. Shelbi Nahwilet Meissner on topics vital to research and education on Indgenous topics and issues. You will find books, articles, and media with a focus on sovereignty, decolonization, cultural reclamation, gender and sexuality, and Federal Indian law.

The bookshelf will be on display through December.