Recommended Reads: Indigenous Histories

Recommended Reading Book Shelf-Indigenous Histories

This November the Library’s Recommended Reading Book Shelf celebrates National Native American Heritage Month and recognizes the struggles faced by Indigenous Americans since the beginning of colonization in the Americas. Forced relocation of Indigenous Americans from their homeland meant loss of life, burial sites, place names, and religion. What is the best way to celebrate Indigenous American heritage when so much has been lost? 

You can honor the living communities of Indigenous persons by visiting relevant Smithsonian museums. Think about Indigenous communities who still struggle to be validated or protected in the year 2023. Remember on your next walk that while everything around us was built on Indigenous land, Indigenous Americans were quickly excluded or became visitors and outsiders once treaties were signed. Take a moment to compare the similarities and differences between the colonization of the Americas with other annexed or colonized locations throughout the world. Start here: 

And remember to visit our Recommended Reading Book Shelf, located across from the Circulation Desk in Lauinger Library.. You can also browse the display virtually; visit our exhibit guide.