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Podcasts provide you with an opportunity to deliver your message in a longer and more personal format than other forms of media. If you’re thinking about starting a podcast, read below for the basics of podcasting and watch the video from our April 11, 2018 workshop on Podcasting with Professor Marcia Chatelain and Nikoo Yahyazadeh, Multimedia Specialist. For additional information on starting a podcast, visit our Podcasting at Georgetown: Resources page.

Plan Your Podcast

Podcasts require both equipment and technical expertise to get started, so you will want to set aside some time up front to address those issues. The Library’s Audio and Podcasting Projects guide provides detailed information on planning your project, equipment, editing, and choosing a platform. The Library also has multimedia specialists and equipment to assist you with creating your podcast.

Making a good podcast requires planning, especially at the beginning when you make initial determinations about your series.

  • What type of podcast you will be making? The level of formality of podcasts varies from scripted monologues to casual, conversation-style discussions.
  • How long and how frequent will your podcast be?  Many podcasters choose to have a consistent length (20-45 minutes is most common) and release schedule, such as weekly or monthly.
  • What topics will you be covering in your podcast? In addition to an overall theme for your podcast series, you will need to decide on a topic for each new episode.
  • Will you have guests on your podcast? In addition to listeners hearing your voice, you can add the voices and opinions of others by engaging in conversations or interviews in your podcasts.
  • How will each episode of your podcast flow? Before each show, outline your content, including a strong intro and outro to ensure a smooth flow throughout the podcast. After recording, you will want to edit your podcast to remove dead air, mistakes, or other material that would interrupt the show’s flow.
  • What platform will you use for your podcast? iTunes is a popular place for podcasts, but there are other options, and you do not need to limit your podcast to just one platform. Check out the Exporting & Sharing section of the Podcasting guide.

Promoting Your Podcast

In order for your podcast to have the greatest impact, you will want to promote it to potential listeners.

  • Let members of your department and other groups on campus know about your new podcast.
  • If there are related podcasts, offer to cross-promote each other’s podcasts to reach larger audiences.
  • Set up a website with your podcast and link to it from your personal and departmental, and GUFaculty360 web pages.
  • Use social media to announce new episodes as they become available.

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