Dinner on the B&O Railroad

December 9, 2022

On December 16, 1927, Georgetown students traveling home for the winter break on the Baltimore & Ohio (B&O) Railroad were able to enjoy the items listed on this menu, including pumpkin pie baked fresh on the train, for the sum of $1.25.

B&O Railroad Dinner Menu, December 16, 1927


Most of the menu offerings are recognizable to 21st-century diners, although one that is perhaps less familiar is seen among the beverage listings: instant Postum. Postum, a drink made from roasted wheat bran and molasses, was created by Post Cereal Company founder C. W. Post in 1895. Marketed as a healthier alternative to coffee, it can be found in some grocery stores and online.

A much more recognizable name in this region is Deer Park, Maryland Spring Water, which the menu notes is “used exclusively.”  Deer Park Water originally had close ties to the B&O Railroad. The Railroad built a hotel in Deer Park, Garrett County, Maryland in 1873 and began bottling water from a nearby spring. The water proved to be so popular that the Railroad began serving it on their trains around 1905.

As the banner across the top of the menu shows, it was printed in B&O’s centennial year. The Railroad was founded in 1827 and in 1828 began constructing America’s first commercial railroad tracks. After a series of mergers in the 20th century, the B&O became part of the CSX Corporation.

Lynn Conway, University Archivist