Mission, Vision & Values


Georgetown University Library empowers its users to discover, create, and share knowledge through its diverse collections, impactful programs, and inclusive spaces. By collaborating with university community members in research, teaching, and learning, the Library promotes a culture of inquiry and connection, across and beyond Georgetown.


The Library aspires to be an essential catalyst and partner in advancing knowledge for the common good.


Our purpose with these values is to communicate:

  • Our standard of excellence—who we are on our best days
  • Our vocation—who we are called to be as library professionals
  • Our context—what we represent for Georgetown and the broader global community
  1. Respect

    We assume the best of others, acknowledge their individual contributions, and value their unique perspectives.

  2. Accountability

    We believe that considering the needs of others and taking responsibility for our own actions leads to better outcomes and a stronger team.

  3. Collaboration

    We practice open communication and mutual respect to draw on each other’s experience, knowledge, and creativity, solving problems together with grace and goodwill.

  4. Adaptability

    We anticipate new challenges and apply appropriate methods to drive innovative research, empowering users wherever they are and whatever the circumstances of changing environments, technologies, and materials in our care.

  5. Inclusion

    We welcome all members of our community into the library to explore diverse areas of academic research and enjoy equitable access to resources.

  6. Intellectual freedom

    We advance scholarly work and promote open inquiry through our stewardship of diverse collections, our investment in open access, and our commitment to user privacy.

  7. User-centered service

    We place the teaching, learning, and research needs of library users at the center of all that we do, empowering others to achieve their potential by supporting them along the way.