Librarians by Subject

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Subject Specialist for Sort descending Subject Specialist
Accounting Jennifer C. Boettcher
African History Ryan Johnson
African Studies (Sub-Saharan) Ryan Johnson
African-American Studies Francesca (Jieun) Kang
American History Francesca (Jieun) Kang
American Studies Francesca (Jieun) Kang
Anthropology Contact a Librarian
Arab Studies Ryan Zohar
Arabic Ryan Zohar
Art and Art History Jess O'Toole
Asian History Ding Ye
Australia/New Zealand Studies Ding Ye
Biochemistry Ryan Johnson
Bioethics Patricia Martin
Biology Ryan Johnson
Central Asian Studies Ryan Zohar
Chemistry Ryan Johnson
Chinese Ding Ye
Classics Francesca (Jieun) Kang
Communications Jess O'Toole
Companies Jennifer C. Boettcher
Comparative Literature Melissa Jones
Computer Science Ryan Johnson
Conflict Resolution Kimberly MacVaugh
Criminal Justice Contact a Librarian
Dance Contact a Librarian
Declassified Documents Kimberly MacVaugh
Disability Studies Melissa Jones
Economics Megan Hunt
Education Jess O'Toole
English Melissa Jones
Entrepreneurship Jennifer C. Boettcher
Environmental Policy Megan Hunt
Environmental Science Ryan Johnson
European History Francesca (Jieun) Kang
Film Studies Melissa Jones
Finance and Investment Jennifer C. Boettcher
Foreign Service Kimberly MacVaugh
French Ryan Zohar
General Science Ryan Johnson
German Francesca (Jieun) Kang
German Literature Francesca (Jieun) Kang
Global Development Kimberly MacVaugh
Government and Politics Kimberly MacVaugh
Government Documents Jess O'Toole
Hebrew Ryan Zohar
History and Philosophy of Science Ryan Johnson
Human Rights Kimberly MacVaugh
Industries Jennifer C. Boettcher
International Affairs Kimberly MacVaugh
International Business Jennifer C. Boettcher
Islamic Studies Ryan Zohar
Italian Jade Madrid
Japanese Ding Ye
Jewish Studies Ryan Zohar
Journalism Jess O'Toole
Korean Ding Ye
Latin American History Jade Madrid
Latin American Studies Jade Madrid
Law Kimberly MacVaugh
LGBT Studies Jade Madrid
Linguistics Ding Ye
Management Jennifer C. Boettcher
Manuscript Collections Keith Gorman
Marketing Jennifer C. Boettcher
Mathematics & Statistics Ryan Johnson
Medieval Studies Melissa Jones
Middle Eastern Studies Ryan Zohar
Museum Studies Jess O'Toole
Music Contact a Librarian
Muslim-Christian Studies Ryan Zohar
Nonprofit Organizations Jennifer C. Boettcher
Operations and Information Management Jennifer C. Boettcher
Persian Ryan Zohar
Philosophy Melissa Jones
Physics Ryan Johnson
Population Studies Ding Ye
Portuguese Jade Madrid
Portuguese Literature Jade Madrid
Psychology Jess O'Toole
Public Humanities Melissa Jones
Public Policy Megan Hunt
Religious Studies Adrian Vaagenes
Russian and East European History Francesca (Jieun) Kang
Russian and East European Studies Mark Winek
Russian/Slavic Literature Mark Winek
Security Studies Kimberly MacVaugh
Slavery, Memory, and Reconciliation Mary Beth Corrigan
Justice & Peace Studies Contact a Librarian
Sociology Jess O'Toole
Spanish Jade Madrid
Spanish Literature Jade Madrid
Tax & Public Finance Jennifer C. Boettcher
Theater Contact a Librarian
Theology Adrian Vaagenes
Turkish Ryan Zohar
University Art Collections LuLen Walker
University History Lynn Conway
West European Studies Contact a Librarian
Women’s and Gender Studies Jade Madrid