Gelardin Center

Lauinger Library, 1st Floor

What's Here

  • 35 Windows computers
  • 6 individual multimedia editing rooms with media production software. Rooms are open but can be reserved for 3-hours at a time.
  • 1 Production studio with overhead LED lights for interviews and photography headshots. The Production Studio must be reserved in order to use the space.
  • 1 Digitization Hub with equipment for reformatting media and scanning documents and photographs
  • 1 ISIDORE data computer with extra processing power and software for data analysis
  • Media Viewing Station where you can play VHS tapes and DVDs (headphones required) Input 1 for VHS viewing. Input 2 for DVD viewing. 
  • See the software list for computers in this space

What you can do:

Save often to an external device or email to yourself. All computers in this area are wiped without warning.

These areas are open as long as the library is open.