Main Campus Faculty Office Delivery


Getting Started with Faculty Delivery

The Faculty Office Delivery Registration form invites Main Campus faculty members to sign up for Office Delivery.

Requested Information Sample Information Needed
Name on Library Account / Name on Office Door Jane Smith / J. M. Smith
Georgetown Email Address
Georgetown University Department / Department Suite Number School of Foreign Service / Suite 906
Georgetown University Building Walsh Building
Office Door 912
Additional Comments use glass doorways on 36th street, Department Suite 901, my office 912 at end of hallway on left (any comments to aid future deliveries are welcome)

The Faculty Office Delivery Registration form grants access to the library to deliver materials to Main Campus Offices.

Office Requests

"My Office" becomes an available delivery location on HoyaSearch 2-3 business days after the registration form is complete.

  • Not all requests will arrive at the same time when multiple requests exist.
  • Requests placed during the first week of classes, intersession, academic breaks, exams, extreme weather, or approved University holidays experience increased demand and wait times.
  • Interlibrary Loans are not eligible for Office Delivery. Interlibrary Loan materials are owned by libraries around the world and pose unique challenges within Library Management Systems. Items may not be delivered to off-site locations due to authoritative guidelines related to confidentiality, borrowing, and ownership of materials. Available items may still be picked up at the selected Library Pickup Location.
  • Multiple item requests may be limited to 5 items per delivery. Items appearing in the online library catalog as "Oversized Folios" or very heavy items may be routed to the hold shelf or will take longer to arrive when they require multiple trips.

For more information about Georgetown & Consortium Requests, please review How to Place an Office Delivery Request

Loan Receipt Letter

  • An email sent by "GU Library Notice" alerts library account holders to certain activities on their library account.
  • University email settings may group similar items together. Please click into emails that have more than one item listed in the conversation sent by "GU Library Notice."
  • The subject line "Loan Receipt Letter" indicates an item has been checked out.
An email showing Loan Receipt Letter as a subject line
  • Not all Loan notices are sent by GU Libraries.
  • Email notifications may be sent by GU Libraries, Consortium Universities, Interlibrary Loan Departments, or other departments or libraries that loan materials.
  • All library account holders must review each Loan Receipt Letter promptly to ensure accuracy of delivered items.

Have questions about registering your office number? Contact us at