Georgetown University Library Showcase

The Library Showcase began in 2009 as a way to highlight projects created by Georgetown students, faculty, and staff that made excellent use of Library resources. Every Fall and Spring semester we have an open call for submissions to gather exciting, innovative work created using library software, research tools/databases, equipment, spaces, or with the assistance of library professionals.

Projects are retained on the site for 5 years.


Spring 2024

This research project seeks to learn more about the Black man identified as Francis in a 1906 photograph of Georgetown medical students.
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A historical analysis of low income housing in Athens, Georgia and the long term exploitation of people of color within the housing system.
An interactive art piece highlighting the rise of totalitarian governments across the world and their impact on information infrastructure.
Donna Hockman is serving a life sentence for shooting her abusive ex-boyfriend in an act of self-defense. It is time to bring her home.
In 1985, Ronald Glenn was not charged due lack of sufficient evidence. 22 years later, he was charged with 50 years despite DNA evidence pointing to another culprit. Ronald has been wrongfully convicted for 17 years, Georgetown students are made this documentary to advocate for his freedom.
A hand-bound poetry book with poems about spring in both Japanese and English.
The OSEI Tactile Map aims to provide blind and low vision individuals with a tangible tool for navigating the new Office of Student Equity and Inclusion space on campus.
This is the Gnovis Podcast. On this show, we explore conversations with students, faculty, alumni, and experts on the intersections of communication, culture, and technology. This podcast is under Gnovis, an academic multimedia publication under Georgetown University's Communication, Culture, and Technology program.
Ostrich meat is a healthier and more sustainable alternative to beef- so why don't we see more ostrich farms in the U.S.?
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This dress, made from cardboard and used coffee sleeves from the Corp, was created for Georgetown's 2024 Trashion show hosted by GREEN.
This research project reaches Spanish-speaking communities that are the most in need of hearing this lifesaving message but least likely to know these lifesaving resources exist.

Fall 2023

For my Media and Social Justice class, I reported on the Sikh American community for the entire semester, highlighting their struggles, advocacies, cultures, and identities.
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This is a website about the work DC KinCare Alliance is doing to uncover the practice of "hidden foster care." DC KinCare is a non-profit organization that specializes in helping DC caregivers raise vulnerable children. I shine light on what "hidden foster care" is and how the Child and Family Services Agency takes advantage of marginalized communities. I am most proud of the my essay "closing the gaps in care" that show how the foster care system is a pipeline to incarceration that disproportionately affects African Americans. I thought my work with DC KinCare would stop after this class, but I have been moved by the work they are doing and am now interning for them.
Montgomery County Public Schools in Maryland still has much to do to support underprivileged students in their path to higher education.
Timeline highlighting the history of the School of Nursing at Georgetown University
Students chose words and quotes from our course readings and guest lecturers that resonated with their own identities and personal experiences.
This project is a StoryMap website that highlights the activities of Carlos Romulo, a Filipino diplomat, during World War II.
"Exploring contemporary challenges in social media: misinformation, privacy concerns, and ethical issues of internet addiction. Solutions for responsible, ethical, and balanced digital coexistence."
“Bookstores as Vehicles for Activism” is a multi-media journalistic project by Logan Castellanos, focused on literary activism and inequities in the United States.
Exploring AI's transformative role in real estate analysis, this thesis bridges technology with traditional financial methods.
A StoryMap of the history of Asian students in Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service from 1948-1967
This Mandalorian Foundling costume from the Star Wars universe took over three months to complete in the Maker Hub. It was constructed using 3D printers and handcrafted leather.
This study represents a meaningful step toward breaking down silos in emergency management, landscape architecture & climate adaptation!
In Professor Janet Gomez's course, Female Rulers from Antiquity to Today, students engaged in a multimedia research project where they documented the history, legacy, and impact of female rulers/leaders to demonstrate their understanding of what it means to be a female ruler/leader as well as communicate the significance of the ruler/leader.

This project used the Library’s Adobe software and its Python courses in LinkedIn Learning to make water funding data usable for analysts.
Historical study of the Mount Zion Cemetery examining the displacement and erasure of Black Georgetown residents.
Hi All! This video is a season review of Georgetown Rugby's Season for Fall '23. They are a very successful club sport on campus and I wanted to make a video showcasing their story this past semester, I hope you enjoy!

Spring 2023

An exploration of the different motivations of runners, the diversity of the sport, and the advocacy for more inclusivity in competition.
This StoryMaps project seeks to recognize, in a prominent way, the Catholic sisters who led on campus and earned diplomas and degrees.
This article is the first case study that proves the practical application of Cabrera Cuadrado's new public diplomacy model "The Golden Circle of Public Diplomacy".
A four-part limited podcast series exploring the life and death of David Shick, a Georgetown junior killed in an on-campus incident in 2000.
This StoryMap explores the emotional, physical, and mnemonically liminal space of what it means to be an “exile” living in the United States by showcasing an exiled Chilean Family.
An interactive recipe book for children aged 6-8, encouraging pretend-play and food exploration.
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At 15:10, Multimedia Specialist Barrinton Baynes recorded Carole Sargent for the BBC about a nun famous for entering a nuclear facility.
My American Studies senior thesis which asks the question: why are mothers, in particular, at the helm of the very "American" book-banning conversation?
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Special Olympics Georgetown holds its field day every year in the spring, bringing together kids with special needs from all over DC!
This video depicts Georgetown University's first ever Asia Fest Night Market, hosted by the Asian American Student Assocation.
This short film plays with the boundaries of art and craft in order to deconstruct how such distinctions are often sexist in nature.
Showcase winner badge;
An exploration of London's street markets through StoryMaps, done as the final project for the CALL Scholars program.
I designed this print to reflect on my Pacific Islander background while also celebrating my graduation as a first generation college student.
A lighthearted skit that centers around a character who spends a lot of time on the internet and tries their best to exercise.
The Environmental Impact Data Collaborative (EIDC) is a data platform currently developed by the Massive Data Institute. The stop-motion video is meant to serve as an introduction to the platform's mission and capabilities, using the available resources offered by the library's Gelardin Center.

Fall 2022

This StoryMap tells the story of those whose lives were deemed irreparable before they reached adulthood: that of juvenile lifers.
A fully-open source, 3D-printed simulator for practicing microlaryngeal surgery in an outpatient clinic setting.
'Minority Report w/ Salomón Flamenco' is a podcast that looks at what it means to be Asian, Black, Latin, and MENA in the contemporary United States.
Explore the history and evolution of musical traditions at Midwest Chinese Family Camp, a camp founded by Chinese Civil War refugees.
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DC Ward 8C07 Commissioner Salim Adofo speaks on his origins and influences, leadership, and addressing community matters in his capacity.
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Watering Whole is a small, self-published book of poetry by Jan Menafee and supported by Noah Martin.
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The Madeleine Albright Statue Proposal argues why GU should erect a statue of the late professor, to solidify her legacy and ease the disparity in the number of male versus female statues on campus.
America's pledge of liberty and justice is unfinished. Stephen Blinder and his guests outline the next chapter in the American story.
The piece is inspired by HAIM’s song, “Man From the Magazine,” written as an expression of the band’s frustration with the misogyny that overwhelms not only the music industry, but so many other areas of our world as well. This piece serves to empower others to take a stand in the face of precedent, rather than succumb to the complacent mindset of “it is what it is.”
Adjusting to a post pandemic workplace world is new for everyone, so it is not surprising there are limited resources currently available on this emerging topic. With so much on the line, it is imperative to create a strategic return-to-office plan before your employees return. Employers recognize the pressure on their shoulders to get it right and my recommendations aim to support the employer in providing the best possible outcome for their company and employees. My key findings for a successful return-to-work strategic plan recommends clear and consistent communication, offering a detailed combination of clear office protocols and work expectations as your organization comes together in a post pandemic world. A genuine demonstration of confidence and care will be noticed by your employees and will boost morale and productivity as everyone successfully reunites. The employees will feel that.
This project follows the survival of Chinese indentured laborers in Samoa in the 20th century, including plantation labor, smuggling, violence, and marriage to indigenous Samoans. With only about 7,000 people, they were an insignificant group compared to the wave of emigration from China in the 20th century. As I read about their archives, I felt that these stories and experiences should be uncovered and remembered in relation to the Chinese community in today's Samoa and how we tell the story of "minority groups" in history. Based on the newspaper in the Archives of New Zealand and Chinese archives, this project reveals more details about the lives of these maritime migrants.

Spring 2022

Financial Manhattan Project to end the War and Win Rebuild by establishing an Asset Ownership Standard.
What can we dream of? What could the future be? Following Jane Goodall's example, this podcast focuses on hope, imagination, and understanding of our place in a vast world.
A wooden arcade running on a Raspberry Pi with RetroPie installed
Showcase winner badge;
Graphic Design students created Postmodern Punk Posters inspired by Spagnuolo Gallery’s Punk Visual Culture Exhibition: ultimate hybridity DIY + Maker Hub + Adobe
Spiritual Spaces is a mini-series from Akil Cole and Kelvin Doe, two members of Georgetown University's Black Interfaith Fellowship.
I had let my love of photography go for a while and only recently got back into it. I rarely make it down to DC and wanted to focus on the urban infrastructure and pops of colors one sees, even when it's rainy in a very urban area.
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This course website houses blogs on course readings, podcasts on contemporary books, and StoryMaps researching the Middle East in an effort to bring research and resources to the public.
The story is really weird, it's about a group of monsters trying to figure out what a human looks like... but they do a bad job of it. This was my final project for my animation class.
Triptych is a short narrative film hovering between the drama and experimental genres. Recovering from a hangover and an unsettling dream, Maria struggles to go about her day as she gets wrapped up in a whirlwind of her own imagination.
For this video project, I went around D.C. to ask residents whether or not they liked their jobs and why they chose that particular career path. I wanted to do this type of interview-on-the-street video because for the last couple of years, "The Great Resignation" has bombarded our screens which is a phrase explaining why an increasing number of Americans are quitting their jobs since the COVID-19 pandemic began.
Photos taken in DC using a Library DSLR camera.
This program capstone project is a case study of the catastrophic US response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Fall 2021

A fieldwork assignment for a Global History course that uses historiographical methodology to study library sources and objects.
This project is based on research into the peri-Urban district Kisarawe in Tanzania where roughly 30% of girls have skipped school due their periods.
I have a large collection of vinyl records and I needed a place to store them. So in my free time, I made this vinyl record holder.
In this inaugural episode of the Core Pathways podcast "Pathways for People and Planet," my colleague Clio and I organized and produced this discussion on Indigenous knowledge and relations to land movements and the climate crisis.
To thank the donors who make our program possible, we laser engraved log slices to make a festive holiday ornament.
I created this project during my digital photo class. It was during an outdoor activity to just practice taking photos out with our cameras and see what comes of it especially during the editing process. I actually never got to show my professor or peers this photo, but it stuck with me.
A laser cut and hand-painted original design for someone special.
Two courageous women attended all-male Georgetown's medical school in 1880. Learn about their lives and legacies in this short documenary on the trailblazing visionary physicians Dr. Annie E. Rice and Dr. Jeannette J. Sumner.
Showcase winner badge;
On December 1, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments for Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization, a case concerning a Mississippi law that bans abortions after fifteen weeks of pregnancy. The law contradicts Roe v. Wade, which prohibits states from banning abortions before fetal viability at approximately twenty-three weeks.
"This animation showcases a blind pianist (The Dreamer) who takes an epic but mental voyage across the ocean. Through his playing, he is able to experience a phenomenon that he would otherwise be incapable of because of his disability.
This was a personal reflection on my lived experience throughout 2021.
This project is a video created for the 1634 Society's website to educate members of the Georgetown community about the Traditions Day event that the 1634 Society hosts annually in October.
I created "Holy Crepe" as the final project for my Introduction to Animation class. The video was created using an under-the-camera stop motion animation technique and consists of more than 1000 individual pictures.
Showcase winner badge;
A gift for my grandmother. She's the reason I love my plants!
This is a 3D printed lithophane heart of my dog Kirby
This project is about making a thing that showcases one of my favorite writers and activists: Angela Davis. The purpose of the stamp is to make a a ton of prints for my friends to spread awareness of a key figure in the Black Power movement of the 60s and 70s.
How does anesthesia cause retrograde amnesia? Resources from the Maker Hub will allow us to better understand the process of forgetting.
A vibrant sunflower bag that wards off cloudy days
The Handless Music Binder is a 3-ring binder designed for musicians that allows a performer to turn pages of sheet music handsfree.
Painting of musician Cartola inspired by a photograph in the Sodré collection of photographic negatives of Brazilian musicians.
"The newly founded female empowerment organization is building sisterhoods of support for women and girls in the DC community," and by compiling all of my journalistic pieces that I wrote throughout the semester about the organization, my storymap presents a cohesive story of what P.R.O.M.I.S.E. (HER) is all about!
I mapped food poverty in Philadelphia using ArcGIS software while reading Marcia Chatelain's book Franchise.
What's in a name? A local high school tries to answer that question as they ask themselves: who deserves the honor of representing their community.
"Sleeptime with Brady Condon" is the latest segment of the Hilltop Show.

Summer 2021

A large viewfinder to shine a light on images of monuments combined with critical photography

Spring 2021

In learning about Jane Goodall's life story and her reasons for hope, I structured my own reason for hope.
A laser-cut spaceship interior decorated with mixed-media and soldered adafruit lights programmed with arduino circuitboards.
Compost'd is the first ever compost receptacle designed for the freezer.
This project is a website of a digital exhibit highlighting several efforts of community control in Harlem.
Showcase winner badge;
In this news clip, I covered a local arts festival in North Charleston, SC. Splicing together interviews and b-roll, I attempted to make a short video of the event that could be featured on a local news network.
English Honors thesis, a historiography of queer and trans* social spaces.
Showcase winner badge;
A podcast about archives and archival research.
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The assignment was an opportunity to synthesize all of our learnings on three levels: what I learned about Dr. Goodall and her story after reading her autobiography "Reasons for Hope"...
To culminate my time in Professor Trybus's class "The Jane Goodall Rules" I created this podcast that mimics Jane Goodall's own podcast - "The Hopecast" - where she reflects on her life journey and accomplishments that have been largely fueled by hope.
In our world today, it can seem silly and tremendously difficult to remain hopeful. But what does hope even mean?
Our collective body of human knowledge and wisdom, rooted in different ways of knowing, seems to point to a need for collective healing which will take holistic intentionality, intersectionality, and courage in design.
Inspired by studies on indigenous epistemologies and indigenous languages, I sought to apply a critical speculative lens in creating an artistic work that offers one response on how decolonizing technology may look in concrete action.

Fall 2020

A student group in Professor Myriam Vuckovic's Global Health Promotion course created these instructional materials for primary schoolgirls in Tanzania.
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Article on the School of Nursing & Health Studies website about the Class of 1920 nursing students during the flu pandemic.
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These laser cut pieces are sculptural works created for my Studio Art Senior Thesis show on the themes of education and neurodiversity.
This site gives a tour of where the food system has gone wrong in Birmingham, Alabama by mapping food access and food sovereignty.
A StoryMap that analyzes the hog industry in Duplin County, NC through an environmental and food justice lens.
The project was meant to show how the COVID 19 pandemic is affecting healthcare workers as restrictions are lifted for the sake of the economy.
The current Registration system is provided by Ellucian Banner. Despite its comprehensive features that meet user needs, students often find it difficult to navigate and register due to the unintuitive design.
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The Village Well is a bookstore-cafe in Culver City, CA planning to open in the week of December 13. Jennifer Caspar has been dreaming of starting this business for decades, and when the chips finally fell into place, the world fell apart
This is a news video about the impact of COVID-19 on the arts community in D.C.
"Confronting Climate Change" is an analysis of the relationship between climate gentrification and racial segregation in Dade County, Florida.
A lot of students at prestigious U.S. universities are used to being impressive, constantly achieving lofty academic goals that garner recognition from friends and family. So how does that kind of goal-driven attitude translate into the senior job search?
I journeyed to the White House every day during election week: Monday, prior to Election Day, through Saturday, when President elect Biden's victory was called.
By documenting the breakfast of retired people, lunch of middle-aged office workers, and midnight snack of young students, our documentary will explore the real reasons behind different eating habits and lifestyles.
This story map provides an overview of community health in the Marina District of San Francisco, exploring various social determinants of health.
Master's thesis for the Urban & Regional Planning Program at Georgetown University’s School of Continuing Studies
Hand made quilts highlighting Georgetown
A desk lamp made from vintage art slides

Spring 2020

A video about a sacred space in the Crystal City Shops Underground Mall.
A learning engagement and guide for parents of Montessori students provides a brief history of the Montessori philosophy, supplemental online media, narratives and reflections.
A news clip reporting on student artist activity during the COVID-19 quarantine period. How do you find a crowd in the age of social distancing? While Georgetown University may have suspended in-person performances to prevent the spread of COVID-19, student artists, have found an alternative way to express themselves. Hoyas at Home is an art collective founded on Instagram through the collaboration of multiple on-campus art groups.
Bryson is a senior instructor teaching Shaolin Kungfu in DC. Practicing Kungfu really changed his life
The Lauinger Library Maker Hub staffers and volunteers have been using the 3D printers to help provide essential personal protective equipment (PPE) to healthcare workers in the area.
Showcase winner badge;
This clock was designed based on a 19th-century Cuban comb from the Smithsonian archives.
This short documentary exposes the truly bizarre wrongful conviction of an African American military veteran and former police officer who received an unprecedented 45-year prison sentence for involuntary manslaughter.
A short documentary that exposes the injustice that resulted in the wrongful conviction of Terrel Barros, who was sentenced to two consecutive life terms plus 30 years.
This short documentary exposes the layers of injustice culminating in the wrongful conviction of Edward Martinez.
Showcase winner badge;, Showcase winner badge;

Fall 2019

On the inaugural episode of "About Me", Kim and Kevin square up with the Instagram Bogeyman that is the "shadowban."
I created a set of reflective post cards cards to help students in the LDT program to take a quick moment to slow down and express a little gratitude.
This work examines testimonies and reports of Damas’ journey in the meandering of Black awareness at Georgetown University
Sickness sells. This is an immersion into the anxious headspace of a hypochondriac in the age of wellness.
The Europe Desk is a podcast from the BMW Center for German and European Studies at Georgetown University. It brings together leading experts working on the most pertinent issues facing Europe and transatlantic relations today.
Showcase winner badge;
This is a 15 minute podcast based on the structure of the BBC series 'History of the World in 100 Objects' that I created for my Ignatius seminar class last semester.
This podcast series explores the powerful link between food and identity (set out in episode 1), and reveals the ways food can help us to support refugees and migrants in DC
Helmet Hair, a multi-layered laser cut artwork
5 journals with wooden covers laser cut with living hinge spines and featuring prominent campus architecture, representing each of the four undergraduate schools and the university as a whole.
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Spring 2019

A physical addendum to an ePortfolio, this project consists of magnetic poetry, quotes, artwork, and poems.
This episode of 94.2 WJCM “The Igloo," features two Pittsburgh Penguins fans calling in to host Jammin’ Jimmy Musial with their thoughts on the upcoming NHL playoffs.
A small pep music video for the 2019 McDonough Cup.
A recreated image similar to those found on the video game GTA V's loading screens.
A trippy animated music video created for the Intro to Animation class.
This stop motion animation is dedicated to one student's parents waiting for their only child to return home to South Korea.
Showcase winner badge;
These projects created using many artistic mediums supported in the Maker Hub.
This podcast tells the story of how one student's parents make their interracial marriage work.
A Georgetown student describes his unique experience with imposter syndrome while on campus.
This is series of paintings by artist Ashley Dequilla made for the Asian and Pacific Islander Domestic Violence Research Project.
Why Hoyas love the "eyesore of campus."
These low-cost air quality monitors measure dangerous particulate matter, temperature, and humidity.
These designs express feelings of fear, love, and the need for balance.
This film sheds light on one man's story of a wrongful conviction and the immense challenges facing innocent inmates seeking exoneration.
This website explores gentrification as it relates specifically to DC neighborhoods.
Showcase winner badge;
This is what our feminist utopia looks like.
This documentary tells the story of lead poisoning Calumet, of motherhood, and of the will to fight environmental racism and violence.
This payload measures humidity, pressure, temperature, UV radiation, and acceleration, gyroscopic motion, and magnetic fields.
Showcase winner badge;
This win-win business idea for both consumers and the environment describes using hempcrete blocks as insulation.
Showcase winner badge;
Two poets in the DC area interview guests who make time for writing.
A moment in gym class creates confusion about the human body.
This pack of handmade notebooks include vector drawn representations of DCPL locations.
This soulful and passionate hip hop song talks about pain and suffering that African Americans/Blacks go through in daily life.
This stop motion animation project was completed using M&M's, Skittles, and black and white beans.

Fall 2018

This project shows the geography of migration in the early-twentieth century Eastern Mediterranean.
A short video on food insecurity and how it affects the classroom.
Showcase winner badge;
This laser-cut bee has eyes that light up and buzzing sounds that change pitch when the wings are moved.
3D printing helped facilitate research by providing study participants with scale models or their individual brains.
This project honors the men and women who have served our country.
This original laser-cut artwork depicts the New York City and Washington DC skylines reflecting each other in opposing wood tones.
This video delves into the prison labor system of the U.S. to understand its a underpinnings, pervasiveness, and potential reforms.
Showcase winner badge;
Students created self-sustaining terrariums using different soil layers and small tropical plants in closed jars.
Laser-cut Christmas ornaments created in the Maker Hub.
This is a laser-cut map of Georgetown.
Here's a video from the Hoya about the student section at Georgetown's basketball games.
A laser-cut puzzle as a conceptual annotated bibliography.
Showcase winner badge;
The Fidget Quilt was made using refurbished pants found in the Maker Hub along with tactile additions such as foam, felt, and pom poms.
This film explores the changing policies of the U.S. government that affect migrants from Central America.
Showcase winner badge;
Photography inspired by Mario Testino's towel series captures the essence of women being free and expressing themselves.

Spring 2018

An animated short reflecting the barbarity of the modeling industry.
Georgetown evening MBA students helped build an eco wall for a local school in the outskirt of Lima, Peru.
The startup hotel makes local goods more accessible through automated vending pods.
The AIDS epidemic is largely seen as a problem of the past or of other countries; however this podcast looks at how AIDS is currently affecting gay and bisexual black men in the U.S.
Showcase winner badge;
A pulse oximeter is a device that measures both your heart rate & oxygen saturation.
Here's the story of Georgetown's latest transportation phenomenon.
Micah shares about her relationship with her natural hair.
The exhibit Lest We Forget by Luigi Toscano, displayed at the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool features 120 photos of Holocaust survivors.
How did we get to our current moment of "post-truth" in media and photography?
Showcase winner badge;
Students built air quality monitors in the Maker Hub to monitor PM2.5 using solar PV for power.
This podcast discusses the comedy industry through the perspective of its members.
3d models of actual abdominal aortas created for an anatomy class.
This digital story encompasses the struggles and successes of the Georgetown women's rowing team.
Three Puerto Rican Georgetown University students talk about how it felt to be away from the island during Hurricane Maria.
A photography project created by interviewing people about their dreams.
A vision system so that the operator of large construction equipment can see what they're doing if their view is obstructed from the operations cabin.
A Lego stop motion comedy animation on negative human impact on the environment.
Digital Witchcraft investigates the dialogue and images of witch films.
Showcase winner badge;
What does the District Wharf represent to the DC community after opening in 2017?
An in-depth study of the Helvetica typeface using different embroidery styles.
A photography project showcasing feminine beauty.
This project demonstrates environmental racism in Detroit.
This magazine explores the effects of European beauty standards on black women today.
An animation of makeup application contrasted with destruction of the body.

Fall 2017

Last April, Harvey Fitz, 30, began hosting Poetic Vibes, a monthly open mic in Anacostia.
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A photo series capturing black men posing with flowers to counter toxic masculinity.
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Spring 2017

Jordan, a college freshman, becomes the subject of unwanted attention.
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Spring 2016

"Today" provides a glimpse of what the intensity of a day for someone with depression might look like.
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There's a unique relationship between college kids and Chipotle restaurant.
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With the help of open source software and Gelardin's Maker Space, Max Kim designed and prototyped a steno machine.
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Fall 2015

Mission Possible uses stop motion technique to simulate a video game, which leads the audiences to explore the campus with the character and ends with Old North.
Showcase winner badge;
Based on the spoken word piece, "Brochure Brother," this short film highlights various challenges faced by males of color on college campuses.
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Spring 2015

This documentary explores film as a medium while focusing on Art Shares of Georgetown student performances.
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