Georgetown University Library Showcase

Fall 2021

How does anesthesia cause retrograde amnesia? Resources from the Maker Hub will allow us to better understand the process of forgetting.
A vibrant sunflower bag that wards off cloudy days
The Handless Music Binder is a 3-ring binder designed for musicians that allows a performer to turn pages of sheet music handsfree.
Painting of musician Cartola inspired by a photograph in the Sodré collection of photographic negatives of Brazilian musicians.
"The newly founded female empowerment organization is building sisterhoods of support for women and girls in the DC community," and by compiling all of my journalistic pieces that I wrote throughout the semester about the organization, my storymap presents a cohesive story of what P.R.O.M.I.S.E. (HER) is all about!
I mapped food poverty in Philadelphia using ArcGIS software while reading Marcia Chatelain's book Franchise.
What's in a name? A local high school tries to answer that question as they ask themselves: who deserves the honor of representing their community.
"Sleeptime with Brady Condon" is the latest segment of the Hilltop Show.
A fieldwork assignment for a Global History course that uses historiographical methodology to study library sources and objects.
I have a large collection of vinyl records and I needed a place to store them. So in my free time, I made this vinyl record holder.
To thank the donors who make our program possible, we laser engraved log slices to make a festive holiday ornament.
A laser cut and hand-painted original design for someone special.
This project is based on research into the peri-Urban district Kisarawe in Tanzania where roughly 30% of girls have skipped school due their periods.
In this inaugural episode of the Core Pathways podcast "Pathways for People and Planet," my colleague Clio and I organized and produced this discussion on Indigenous knowledge and relations to land movements and the climate crisis.
I created this project during my digital photo class. It was during an outdoor activity to just practice taking photos out with our cameras and see what comes of it especially during the editing process. I actually never got to show my professor or peers this photo, but it stuck with me.
Two courageous women attended all-male Georgetown's medical school in 1880. Learn about their lives and legacies in this short documenary on the trailblazing visionary physicians Dr. Annie E. Rice and Dr. Jeannette J. Sumner.
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On December 1, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments for Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization, a case concerning a Mississippi law that bans abortions after fifteen weeks of pregnancy. The law contradicts Roe v. Wade, which prohibits states from banning abortions before fetal viability at approximately twenty-three weeks.
"This animation showcases a blind pianist (The Dreamer) who takes an epic but mental voyage across the ocean. Through his playing, he is able to experience a phenomenon that he would otherwise be incapable of because of his disability.
This was a personal reflection on my lived experience throughout 2021.
This project is a video created for the 1634 Society's website to educate members of the Georgetown community about the Traditions Day event that the 1634 Society hosts annually in October.
I created "Holy Crepe" as the final project for my Introduction to Animation class. The video was created using an under-the-camera stop motion animation technique and consists of more than 1000 individual pictures.
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A gift for my grandmother. She's the reason I love my plants!
This is a 3D printed lithophane heart of my dog Kirby
This project is about making a thing that showcases one of my favorite writers and activists: Angela Davis. The purpose of the stamp is to make a a ton of prints for my friends to spread awareness of a key figure in the Black Power movement of the 60s and 70s.

Summer 2021

A large viewfinder to shine a light on images of monuments combined with critical photography

Spring 2021

Compost'd is the first ever compost receptacle designed for the freezer.
This project is a website of a digital exhibit highlighting several efforts of community control in Harlem.
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In this news clip, I covered a local arts festival in North Charleston, SC. Splicing together interviews and b-roll, I attempted to make a short video of the event that could be featured on a local news network.
English Honors thesis, a historiography of queer and trans* social spaces.
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A podcast about archives and archival research.
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The assignment was an opportunity to synthesize all of our learnings on three levels: what I learned about Dr. Goodall and her story after reading her autobiography "Reasons for Hope"...
To culminate my time in Professor Trybus's class "The Jane Goodall Rules" I created this podcast that mimics Jane Goodall's own podcast - "The Hopecast" - where she reflects on her life journey and accomplishments that have been largely fueled by hope.
In our world today, it can seem silly and tremendously difficult to remain hopeful. But what does hope even mean?
Our collective body of human knowledge and wisdom, rooted in different ways of knowing, seems to point to a need for collective healing which will take holistic intentionality, intersectionality, and courage in design.
Inspired by studies on indigenous epistemologies and indigenous languages, I sought to apply a critical speculative lens in creating an artistic work that offers one response on how decolonizing technology may look in concrete action.
In learning about Jane Goodall's life story and her reasons for hope, I structured my own reason for hope.
A laser-cut spaceship interior decorated with mixed-media and soldered adafruit lights programmed with arduino circuitboards.

Fall 2020

A student group in Professor Myriam Vuckovic's Global Health Promotion course created these instructional materials for primary schoolgirls in Tanzania.
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Article on the School of Nursing & Health Studies website about the Class of 1920 nursing students during the flu pandemic.
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These laser cut pieces are sculptural works created for my Studio Art Senior Thesis show on the themes of education and neurodiversity.