Maker Hub

WELCOME TO THE MAKER HUB, a collaborative space for innovation and creativity where we provide access to tools, equipment, and resources that will help bring your ideas to life.

We are a diverse community of makers, inventors, designers, and entrepreneurs who are passionate about creating and building things. Our space is open to all students, faculty, and staff of the Georgetown community, and we offer a wide range of resources to help you develop your skills and explore your interests.

At the Maker Hub, we believe that creativity and innovation are critical for solving the world's most pressing challenges. That's why we're committed to providing a collaborative space where people from all backgrounds can come together to share ideas and work on projects. Our team of student volunteers are available to provide training and guidance, and we offer workshops throughout the year on a variety of topics. So whether you're interested in developing a new product, pursuing a research project, or simply exploring your creative side, the Maker Hub is the perfect place to get started.

Get Involved!

Visit us during Open Hours! No need to make an appointment, just come on in.

Join us for an event or workshop! We offer a wide range of workshops and events throughout the semester, so find one that interests you!

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The Maker Hub Community

Need help with a project? Don't know where a specific tool is? Look no further than the nearest student Volunteer! Volunteers can be recognized by the aprons they wear while on shift. It's their job to create a safe, collaborative, and creative environment through problem solving, resource and knowledge sharing, and enforcement of the Maker Hub's rules. Interested in joining the Maker Hub team? Learn more about what it takes to become a Maker Hub Volunteer.

During open hours the Maker Hub Manager and Volunteers are often quite busy. If you have a long-term or detailed project that requires specific assistance, please set up a research consultation.

Our Space

The Maker Hub is located on the 1st floor of Lauinger Library. The space is small, only about 1,500 ft2, but we boast an impressive array of technologies and equipment. The Maker Hub also strives to provide consumable materials free of charge for visitors to use. However our material supply is always in flux, and we are only able to supply some materials through generous donations from students, faculty, staff, and affiliated personnel.