Maker Hub


The Maker Hub promotes innovation and hands-on learning through workshops, curricular engagement, and one-on-one project mentorship. Most of our tools are free to use, and our community of staff and volunteers are available during open hours to teach you how to use the equipment and turn your ideas into reality. We support Georgetown researchers, makers, entrepreneurs, and artists by providing specialized equipment and encouraging a collaborative environment in which we support and learn from each other.

Drop in to see what we have to offer. It's your Maker Hub!

Get Involved!

Whether you find us through a class, join us for a specialty workshop, or just stop by during open hours, there are plenty of ways to get involved in the Maker Hub! The vast majority of our materials and machines are entirely free to use for both academic as well as personal projects. 

Getting Started Important things you'll want to know

Policies and Procedures - Learn about the rules of the Maker Hub and how to keep yourself safe while using our equipment

Workshops and Events - The Maker Hub is constantly holding workshops, skill shares, and events. This is the best way to get started making something awesome!

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The Maker Hub Community

Need help with a project? Don't know where a specific tool is? Look no further than the nearest Volunteer! Volunteers can be recognized by their aprons and are the lifeblood of the Maker Hub. Volunteers work to create a safe, collaborative, and creative environment through problem solving, resource and knowledge sharing, and enforcement of the Maker Hub's rules. 

Our Space

The Maker Hub is located on the first floor of Lauinger Library. The space is small, only about 1,500 ft2, but we boast an impressive array of technologies and equipment. The Maker Hub also strives to provide consumable materials for visitors to use. However our material supply is always in flux, and we can only supply some materials through generous donations from students, faculty, staff, and affiliated personnel. 


If you love what the Maker Hub makes possible, please consider giving back! Many of the resources available today were only made possible through the support of our community.

To Donate Funds:

  1. Go to the Georgetown Giving site
  2. Under "Selected Designations" choose "Other Designation," type in "Library Technology Fund," and enter the amount in the field to the right.
  3. In the "Special Instructions" box, type in "Maker Hub"
  4. Fill out the rest of your details as appropriate.

Interested in donating materials to support our makers? Or you have a specific tool or item you want to gift the Maker Hub? Check out our full donations page for more giving opportunities