His Royal Highness, Charles, Prince of Wales, visits Georgetown

May 2, 2023

In celebration of the coronation of King Charles III on May 6, 2023, at Westminster Abbey in London, this blog post looks back at two visits by the then Prince of Wales to Georgetown University’s campus.

Visit to Georgetown by the Prince of Wales 2005

His first visit came on November 3, 2005, when the University welcomed the Prince to a seminar on faith and social responsibility. This seminar, held in Riggs Library, brought together representatives from various faith traditions to discuss faith-based practical initiatives in employment, education and community regeneration. Attendees were selected by the Prince of Wales, the British Embassy, the Dean of Georgetown College, the Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding at Georgetown University, and the Office of the University President.

Topics at seminar during visit by Prince of Wales to Georgetown University






University President John J. DeGioia noted of the seminar:

As a Jesuit university committed to academic excellence and social justice, Georgetown seeks to encourage and expand interreligious understanding. We frequently offer the resources of the University to help advance dialogue in important areas and are pleased to welcome the Prince of Wales as the latest example of our ongoing efforts.

The Prince spent 15 minutes mingling with an enthusiastic crowd of more than 1,000 Georgetown students and staff in Healy Circle when he arrived on campus, before entering Healy Hall. He shook hands and even signed a softball for one student.

Prince of Wales greets crowd during 2005 visit to Georgetown University

The Prince of Wales returned to Georgetown on May 4, 2011, to attend a conference on the future of food. Hosted by Washington Post Live, this conference was attended by corporate executives, community leaders, academics, and government officials who focused on issues of food sustainability. It included panels on the future of agriculture, health and nutrition, and the future of international food. Closing remarks were delivered by U.S. Senator Jon Tester.

Prince of Wales in Gaston Hall 2005
Gaston Hall 2005

The Prince gave the conference keynote address in Healy's Gaston Hall. He observed that the model of food production prevalent in the 21st century does not work:

We will have to develop much more sustainable or durable forms of food production, because the ways we have done things up to now are no longer as viable as they once appeared to be.

Ticket for Gaston Hall event, 2011

Demand for conference tickets was so great that a lottery system was instituted for Georgetown students, faculty and staff. Those not fortunate enough to be allocated a ticket were able to watch a livestream of the event.

--Lynn Conway, University Archivist

(Photos courtesy of Phil Humnicky, University Photographer)