Charging Stations

The Library has mobile device charging stations available on the first and second floors of Lauinger Library. The first floor charging station is located in the hallway outside the Gelardin Center. The second floor charging station is next to the vending machines. The charging stations are available to all Library users.

Instructions for Use

  1. Select unlocked compartment.
  2. You may charge up to three mobile devices per compartment.
  3. To lock, close door, push the “C” button, enter four-digit PIN of your choosing, and then push KEY icon. Make note of PIN and compartment number.
  5. To retrieve device, push the “C” button, enter the four-digit PIN, then select the KEY icon.


  • Four hour maximum use. Mobile devices left for more than four hours are subject to removal and will be sent to the Georgetown University Police Department.
  • Compartments are to be used for charging devices only. These compartments are not to be used for storing other items. Non-device items will be removed and sent to GUPD lost and found.
  • Please write down the compartment number and your PIN number. If you forget your PIN number, go to the Lauinger Service Desk on the 3rd floor. If the Desk is closed, you must wait until it reopens to obtain your device(s).
  • All compartments, when not in use, are to remain unlocked.
  • The Library is not responsible for mobile devices left in charging station. Please be sure the compartment door is locked before leaving. Upon your return, should your device be missing from its compartment, contact the Lauinger Service Desk at 202-687-7607 or the Georgetown University Police Department at 202-687-4343.