Arduino, along with Raspberry Pi, are the brains of Maker projects!

Arduinos are small, cheap computers designed to make working with sensors, LEDs, motors, and other electronics components as easy and painless as possible.

They come in a range of sizes, from small to REALLY small, and with a range of features, such as built-in game controllers, WIFI, Bluetooth, USB, etc.

Also available are "Arduino Shields," stackable modules that expand the functionality of your arduino with motor controllers, touchscreens, radio, synthesizers, and more.

The Maker Hub's supply of Arduinos varies, but we mostly stock UNOs, Lilypads, and some other variants, and well as an assortment of shields.

Maker Hub arduinos are available for in-shop use; you can order your own from reputable dealers such as SparkFun and AdaFruit. When purchasing your first Arduino, we recommend selecting a standard size such as the Uno

Arduinos are programmed with the simple Arduino IDE, available here: (Mac, Linux or Windows). 


Check out the Maker Hub's workshop pages for upcoming Arduino classes!

Requires Instruction?
What you should know

To use the Maker Hub's Arduinos, you must attend the following orientation sessions:

- Introduction to the Maker Hub

Check the Maker Hub Calendar for workshop availability.

Learn more about Arduinos, the hardware and the programming environment here: