Woodworking clamps apply pressure to hold pieces of wood together, making them especially handy for securing workpieces while waiting for glue or bonding to cure. The Maker Hub has several styles of clamps that work best depending on the application.

  • F-clamps - these clamps look like the letter F, hence the name. F-clamps are adjustable which allows for them to be used on larger scale objects without the need for a large screw.
  • C-clamps - much like F-clamps, C-clamps look like the letter C. These are general purpose clamps.
  • Spring clamps - spring clamps utilize spring tension to apply pressure to workpieces with one-handed operation. They are suitable for use in light assembly applications to hold material in place while gluing or fastening.
  • Dovetail clamps - the dovetail clamps in the Maker Hub are best used in conjunction with one of the workbenches with dovetail tracks along the perimeter. The clamps can be inserted into the bench, allowing wood to be easily clamped to the edge of the table.
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