Grizzly G7943 Drill Press

drill press

The drill press is a motorized tool designed to bore holes in wood, metal or plastic. Like a handheld drill, drill presses utilize various types of bits to make holes of different diameters. But unlike a handheld drill, drill presses are stationary or bench-top machines.

Requires Instruction?
  • Motor: 3/4 HP
  • Power Requirement: 120V, Single-Phase, 60 Hz
  • Swing: 14 in.
  • Type: Bench
  • Range of Spindle Speeds: 140 – 3050 RPM
  • Drilling Capacity: 3/4 in. in Steel
  • Drill Chuck Type: JT33 Key Chuck
  • Quill Diameter: 2.04 in.
What you should know