Janome HD-3000 Sewing Machine (4 machines)

Janome HD-3000E

The Janome HD 3000 is a heavy duty sewing machine, perfect for a beginner or someone looking to do a wide range of sewing.

The HD 3000 can sew 21 different stitches including a buttonhole stitch, providing the tools necessary to start any sewing project.

Attached to the machine is a sewing guide with recommendations on the optimal stitch length and width, thread tension, and foot needed for each stitch pattern. Stitch length and width settings can easily be adjusted using the dials on the front of the machine.

Multiple color options for thread are available.

Requires Instruction?

Number of Presser Feet (attached to machine to guide the needle): 8 including buttonhole foot

Maximum Stitch Width: 6.5 mm

Maximum Stitch Length: 4 mm

Includes a reverse button

Manual: http://janome.com/siteassets/support/manuals/economy-models/inst-book-hd-3000eng.pdf

Full Specifications Here: http://janome.com/en/machines/sewing/hd3000/

What you should know

To use the sewing machine, you must attend the following orientation sessions:

  • Introduction to the Maker Hub
  • Sewing Machine Orientation

Check the Maker Hub Calendar for workshop availability.

Simple instructions for use of the button maker are available in the Maker Hub.