VLS 4.60 Laser Cutter

VLS 4.60 Laser Cutter

The VLS 4.60 laser cutter is a versatile and powerful tool that brings precision and creativity to your projects. With its high-quality laser beam, it can cut through various materials with exceptional accuracy, allowing you to bring your designs to life. From intricate patterns to detailed engravings, the VLS 4.60 laser cutter provides endless possibilities for customization and craftsmanship.

Our machine has a bed size of 18x24 inches. The machine is equipped with a 60 watt laser tube.

Operations Manual and Usage

VLS 4.60 Laser Cutter User Guide

Laser Cutter Software and Design Resource

Please refer to the Laser Cutting LibGuide for information regarding software, design tips, and material sourcing. 

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