Social Media in the Classroom: Implications for Teaching and Learning

The Tenth Scholarly Communication Symposium will feature three speakers who are deeply involved with social media on their campuses. Social media tools have gained widespread use across our campuses in a very short time span.  Many academic disciplines are also adopting these online tools as they embrace collaboration and interactivity.  The implications of these developments are profound--not only for scholars and students, but also for the potential transformation of the teaching and learning process.  How do social media networks change the way our students learn and our faculty teach? How is the traditional classroom relationship altered? Are students becoming more active and engaged learners?

We invite you to join our speakers as they help us better understand the promise and pitfalls of these tools:

Gerry McCartney, Vice President for Information Technology and CIO and Oesterle Professor of Information Technology, Purdue University

Edward Maloney, Director of Research and Learning Technologies at the Center for New Designs in Learning and Scholarship and Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of English, Georgetown University

Ulises Mejias, Assistant Professor of New Media in the Communication Studies Department at the State University of New York at Oswego



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