The Hollywood Years: Music by Lew Pollack

Leon Robbin Gallery


Items in the Exhibition:

So Sorry Please!

Lyrics by Charles Newman. [s.l., s.n., 1943?]
A preliminary Ditto version of the fair copy manuscript, probably done in a few copies to shop to publishers. A very politically incorrect war song, possibly never published.

So Sorry Please!

Autograph lead sheet, dated December 26, 1942.
While the verse is almost identical to the later version shown at left the chorus of this preliminary effort is quite different; the verso of the sheet has a second try on it, closer to the “finished” composition.

In An Old Cathedral Garden

Autograph lead sheet, after February 14, 1942.
Showing a relatively mature version of the song. The verso of the sheet, dated February 14, bears a preliminary version of the melody with very little connection to the published tune.

In An Old Cathedral Garden

Lyrics by Sidney Clare and Herman Ruby. New York: Crawford Music Company, 1942.
An “artist copy” of the finished song, lacking the pictorial wrapper provided for copies intended for public sale.

Hail and Farewell (The Merchant Marine Song)

Lyrics by Mort Greene. New York: Southern Music Publishing Company, 1944.
Introduced in the RKO film Seven Days Ashore. Not noticed on the Merchant Marine web site with the official service song and one other “competing” composition.

Silver Shadows and Golden Dreams

Lyrics by Charles Newman. New York: Sam Fox Publishing Company, 1944.
Nominated for an Oscar in 1945, losing out to Bing Crosby and Swinging on a Star. A stated “artist copy,” preceding the wrappered version for public sale.

Reap the Wild Wind

Lyrics by Ned Washington. New York: Famous Music Corporation, 1942.
Contrary to what the front cover seems to say, this was not sung by John Wayne and Paulette Goddard in the film of the same name; instead, this is a piece acknowledged inside as “inspired by” the movie.