Obituary for "Rough and Ready", mascot for the College bakery and kitchen, Georgetown College Journal, 1873

A newspaper clipping containing the Obituary for Rough and Ready, the mascot for the College bakery and kitchen, published in the Georgetown College Journal

While the presence of dogs on campus likely stretches back to the early days of the College, the first one to be documented was "Rough and Ready", the guard dog of the College bakery and kitchen. "Rough", a terrier, met his demise in a showdown with another dog on campus in 1864. Following his death, Fr. Ford, S.J., wrote a lengthy tribute to "Rough" and his service to the College, a portion of which is sampled here.

Read a transcript of the full text of the Obituary for "Rough and Ready".


Farewell! old Rough! Indeed,—indeed,
thou wert a good dog! We shall not look upon
thy like again! If thou didst not attain the
greatness of some New-Foundlands, thou hadst
a spirit might shame them all. Farewell! No
more shall we behold thy tail (unlike thy mind)
always biassed to one side! No more wilt
thou be a conscience to small boys "wot ain't
got none" of their own, by keeping them from
stealing celery out of the kitchen! No more
wilt thou be a terror to such as invade the
vineyard in the "season of mellow fruitful-
ness." No more shall thou hunt the muskrat
in the brook, or fear to cross the "Big-side"
play ground! No more will thy shrill bark
give warning of pies departing,—and of sugar

Unjustly was thy being cur-tailed!

Thou hast wagged thy last wag! Thou hast
barked thy last bark!

Thy bright eye is dim,—for the most intelli-
gent of dogs is dead! Let him—