The Marino Family International Writers' Workshop 2023: Scattered All Over the Earth

Stephen Richard Kerbs Exhibit Area

A companion exhibition to the Marino Workshop.


Scattered All Over the Earth

Yoko Tawada
New York: New Directions, 2022. Uncorrected proof.

Rare Book Collections National Book Award PL862.A85 C4713 2022


Chikyū ni chiribamerarete

Yoko Tawada
Tokyo: Kodansha, 2018

Rare Book Collections PL862.A85 C55 2018 


The Emissary

Yoko Tawada
(New York): New Directions, (2018). Uncorrected proof.

National Book Award Collection PL862 .A85 K4613 2018

The Emissary won the National Book Award for Translated Literature in 2018.



Yoko Tawada
Japan: Kodansha, 2014

National Book Award Collection PL862 .A83 K468 2014


Hiroku Speaks

“moomin to my country as exile came…finland between ussr and western europe in difficult balance was caught, great stress for moomin loss of weight caused, to restore round body shape moomin exile became, as lover of snow, in my area lived.”

Tove Jansson, Comet in Moominland. Translated by Kingsley Hart. Harrisonburg: R. R. Donnelley & Sons Company, 2009


Tove Jansson, Det Osynliga Barnet [Tales from Moominvalley]. Helsinki: Holger Schilds Förlag, 1962. In the original Swedish.

Anonymous loan.


Nanook/Tenzo Speaks

“Just once, George and I had an argument. It started with him saying, ‘Traditional Eskimo hunting culture is under threat from global warming.’ As if suddenly possessed by Ma’s living spirit, I said, ‘But thanks to global warming now we can grow vegetables. There’s no need to stick to the old ways.’ That surprised George…”

A Souvenir of the Arctic Cruise of the Bear, 1898.
Manuscript Collections: Francis A. Barnum, S. J. Papers, GTM-GAMMS56

Fr. Barnum spent the better part of the 1890s in Alaska after his ordination. While there, he accumulated knowledge of Innuit, a native Alaskan language (now known as Central Yup'ik). In 1901 he published a grammar of Innuit, entitled Grammatical Fundamentals of the Innuit Language as Spoken by the Eskimo of the Western Coast of Alaska. Fr. Barnum left Alaska in 1898, the year of his cruise aboard the U.S. Revenue Cutter Bear.


Susanoo Speaks

“I got the nickname Susanoo in cram school. One of our teachers tried to make himself popular by telling us interesting stories from the Kojiki…”

The Serpent With Eight Heads. Japanese Fairy Tale Series, No. 9.
Kobayashi Eitaku, artist
Hasegawa Takejiro, publisher
Woodcut on paper

Gift of Ingrid Rose in memory of Milton M. Rose
University Art Collection 2015.33.62

Susanoo is the hero in this Japanese fairy tale.


Knut Speaks

“’I can’t get over your making up your own language. When you say made-up language, what I think of mostly are computer programming languages…

‘I studied Esperanto, too, but not for long. Just unlucky, I guess. There’re lots of good Esperanto teachers, but the one I ended up with had terrible pronunciation…’”

F. H. P. Knight and C. E. Pryer, An Elementary Grammar of Ido. Croydon: Guilbert Pitman, 1908x.

Rare Book Collections PM8392 .K64 1908x

Ido is a “made-up language” derived from Reformed Esperanto.