Voices of Diversity: Francophone Literature at Lauinger Library

Stephen Richard Kerbs Exhibit Area

Haitian Caryatids by Adolf Dehn (1895-1968)
Color lithograph, 1952

In this exhibition, we use the term “Francophone” loosely to designate a vast, rich and varied landscape of literary production, where the language of expression is French.

This area of literature is of considerable interest to researchers and students at Georgetown, and Lauinger Library has been fortunate in its attempts to build a strong collection of Francophone literature. We have achieved this through active purchasing, through grants, and several private donations. Without the last two, our collections would not be what they are today.

Our exhibition focuses on contemporary Francophone authors from across the world who have received some degree of recognition abroad. It aims to give them and their work the attention which they deserve.