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Jane Goldman's "Audubon March"

Art of Homage

February 2022 - June 2023

This exhibition from works in the University Art Collection brings together a wide range of art that is inspired by well-known artworks, artists, or pays homage to a critical figure in an artist’s life. The adoption of a particular technique or the incorporation of a recognizable image can take many forms in an engaging dialogue.  Some artists create self-portraits in the guise of a favorite painter. Others may appropriate a well-known image of a famous artwork or artist into their compositions. 

For example, the rock concert posters of the 1960s were based on 19th century Art Nouveau lithographs.  While viewers may be unaware of such connections, these works are highly successful in connecting with the public.  Some artists make allusions to literary sources or predecessors like Francisco de Goya’s Caprichos to create a satirical commentary on society or popular culture.  These subtle or overt references can take various forms and create unusual juxtapositions. 

The exhibition will be arranged thematically with sections exploring advertising and book arts; well- known paintings; self-portraits and identity; and satire and social commentary. Viewers will be able to identify many of the source references and also may learn about unknown associations, such as imagery in advertising posters. 

The central message is that no art is created in a vacuum, and all creators depend, to a greater or lesser degree, on the masterworks of previous eras and their artistic predecessors.

Illustration: Jane Goldman, Audubon March, archival pigment print with hand coloring, 2015.


More exhibitions to come!