Innovation & Invention

The University Library is at the heart of the campus, opening 24 hours a day and containing the resources, services and expert staff to support innovation and invention. The Library constantly leverages new technologies to ensure its resources and services easily accessible anywhere, anytime, and through any devices. The library also provides creative tools, specialized equipment and space to expose faculty and students to new forms of academic expression and creative outlet.

The “Library of the Future” is already present. Provision of innovative technology services requires a robust infrastructure, resources and skilled personnel. The Library requires vigorous support and resources to provide distinctive learning experiences using new technologies.

Digital Scholarship and Initiatives
Gifts to this fund will provide the Library with flexibility to employ innovation and to develop new digital tools and services for faculty and students. This fund will also ensure that the Library can provide support to our faculty and students in using digital technology to carry out research and share it with others. From partnering on innovative projects to sharing scholarly projects and publications in digital formats, this fund will give the library an opportunity to expand the offerings in the area of digital scholarship and ensure the sustainability of these digital outputs of research.

Digital Media and Emerging Technologies

This fund will ensure that, regardless of the type of project our students and faculty wish to produce—from 360 video to Virtual or Augmented Reality—they have access to the equipment, hardware, software and skilled experts readily available to help with any form of digital media production or emerging technology.

Maker Hub Technologies & Programs

Resources in the Maker Hub—including 3D printers, laser cutters, print production capabilities, Raspberry Pi single-board computers, and Arduino electronic prototyping platforms—help turn ideas and research into multimedia projects. Gifts to this fund will provide critical resources to pursue new and creative opportunities to expand the Maker Hub's technology, programs, and resources for the Georgetown community.


For more information or to explore these gift opportunities, please contact Christian Conant,Chief of Staff, Office of Advancement, at or 202-687-6916.