People & Programs

Georgetown University’s prominence in higher education is due to its people, location, and resources. The University Library recruits and retains the finest leaders in order to promote scholarship at all levels and in all disciplines to offer opportunities that will transform teaching, learning and research. Endowing chairs for library leaders assures that Georgetown will continue to bring the best and most diverse talent to its campus. The following are positions the University Library is seeking to endow:


The Georgetown University Library also aspires to create residency and internship programs to engage and collaborate with students, scholars and specialists to do research from our information rich and unique collections and to provide learning opportunities by working closely with librarians and faculty in the creation of new knowledge. To embrace the ever-evolving dynamic environments in pedagogy, information technology, scholarly communication, and globalization, the Library seeks to lead the discourse and to offer innovative and state-of-the art resources, tools and programs to advance the University’s mission. The Library is currently seeking funding for residency and internship opportunities in the following areas:

  • University Archives

  • Slavery Memory and Reconciliation Initiatives

  • Manuscripts

  • Rare Books

  • Digital Scholarship Projects

  • Library Technology Projects

  • Gelardin Center

  • Maker Hub


For more information or to explore these gift opportunities, please contact Christian Conant, Director of Development, Midwest and Mission & Ministry, at or 202-687-6916.