Space Modernization & Revitalization

While academic library spaces once gave primacy to collections and individual, quiet study they now must reflect the ways that students and faculty work today.  Though the student body and faculty on the Main Campus have increased by over 40% since the Lauinger Library opened in 1970, its physical spaces, furnishings, and layout remain the same. To create areas for collaboration and  interdisciplinary engagement,  projects to refresh or alter library spaces include:

Renovate the Lauinger Library Main Floor (Pierce Reading Room, Research Commons, Lobby Entry):  About $1.3 million has been raised toward this $7M project.

The Pierce Reading Room offers 24/7 study space for students. It is known as the most reliable quiet space on campus and is consistently occupied day and night. This space is in needed of revitalization to continue as a signature study space.

Collaborative and consultation space with the latest technology will foster new ideas and innovation. Coupled with the expertise of library professionals, a newly created Research Commons will serve as a catalyst for research and learning.

Changes to orient users, improve the flow of people, enhance the visibility of resources and ensure security all create a welcoming environment. The reimagined lobby will create such an environment and provide a focal point for all who enter the building.

Revamp Innovation and Technology Spaces (First Floor: Gelardin Center, Maker Hub, Digital Scholarship): Workstations with the latest audio, video, graphics, and animation, 3-D modeling, GIS and data visualization software, along with current presentation technology are all essential components of a digital media production center. Digital scholarship spaces leveraging state-of-the-art research technologies will transform teaching, research, and scholarship. The expertise of Gelardin staff attracts faculty and students seeking assistance with digital media projects; commensurate spaces are crucial to bring those projects to fruition.

Collaboration Spaces for Students and Faculty (all floors): Creating opportunities for interaction among faculty, undergraduate, and graduate students as well as across majors and disciplines is fundamental to current academic library design.

Upgrade Library Furnishings and Spaces (all floors): New furnishings that provide power outlets for technology devices and also meet ADA requirements are needed in this high-demand, 24/7 environment. Update the furnishings in a variety of spaces in the Library. Did you have a favorite place to study? Furnish that area with a new look! Help revitalize the Library.


For more information or to explore these gift opportunities, please contact Christian Conant,Chief of Staff, Office of Advancement, at or 202-687-6916.