The Robert P. Daly, Sr. Memorial Library Fund

The Robert P. Daly, Sr. Endowment Fund was established in 2010 by his children Robert P. Daly, Jr. (C’77, L’80) and Margaret Daly McCrary (B’80). The fund will support the acquisition of circulating, research and special materials, in a variety of formats, on the topic of World War II and its surrounding history. The fund will also support the preservation, by traditional or digital means, of those items concerning World War II which may be accessed by the Georgetown community and scholars and students worldwide.




The Hymn of Jewish Resistance, created by Hirsch Glick while confined in the Vilna Ghetto during the Holocaust. This publication includes lyrics in Yiddish, with translations in English, Hebrew, Russian, French, German, Czech, Romanian, Dutch, Spanish, and Polish. Purchased on the Robert P. Daly Sr. Memorial Endowment Fund.

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