P.C. Lauinger Memorial Book Fund

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The P.C. Lauinger Memorial Book Fund was established in honor of Philip C. Lauinger, C'22, L'58 by his son, Philip C. Lauinger Jr. C'58, in January, 1990. P. C. Lauinger passed away in 1988. The fund supports general library acquisitions.

P.C. Lauinger was a lifelong supporter of Georgetown and of the Library. He was a charter member of the Library's Board of Trustees, serving from 1975–85. He also served on the Georgetown's Board of Regents, the University's President's Council, and in 1968 he became one of the first laymen appointed to the University's Board of Directors. 

The Georgetown Alumni Association awarded him the John Carroll Award in 1956 recognition of lifetime achievement and outstanding service to Georgetown University. Georgetown conferred an honorary doctorate upon him in 1958.

Each of his sons attended Georgetown, including Joseph Mark Lauinger, who was killed in Vietnam and in whose memory the Library was named.

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Philip C. Lauinger, C'22, L'58