The Susan K. Martin, Ph.D., Fund for Science Fiction Award Collections

The Susan K. Martin, Ph.D. Fund for Science Fiction Award Collections was created by the Thomas J. Healey family in honor of Dr. Susan K. Martin, Georgetown University Librarian, 1990-2001 and GU Library Board Member who is an avid collector of science fiction. The fund permits the Library to establish and ensure the continuance at Georgetown of collections representing much of the finest in American Science Fiction writing through the acquisition of the books, manuscripts, letters, and artwork of authors who have won the most prestigious of American science fiction awards, the Hugo and the Nebula, awards. 

The Illustrated Man, with an inscription by Ray Bradbury inspired by the cover.


The Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury, with an inscription by Bradbury to fellow author Nelson Bond with his vision of the Illustrated Man. Acquired by the Library in 2012.

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