Keep Your Devices Safe During Finals

Clicking Security

During finals week, keep these tips in mind to help you protect your devices and your information:

  • If using either a Library desktop computer or your personal device, always log out of all accounts when you are finished with your work. Always protect your usernames and passwords from compromise and prevent unwanted activity and theft from your private accounts.
  • Never leave your devices (or other valuables such as wallets and laptop chargers) unattended in the Library. If you need to take a break, either take your devices with you or use one of the Library's Lock’n’Charge stations located on Lau 1 near the Gelardin Center or Lau 2 near the vending machines—they will keep your devices safe and recharge them at the same time!
  • Write your name on your laptop charger. That will make it easier to identify if you leave it in the Library and it is turned into Lost and Found.

Good luck with finals!