New and Notable for January 2023

Covers of Handbook of Niche Tourism, Martin Luther and the Council of Trent, Creating a Totally Inclusive University

Martin Luther and the Council of Trent: The Battle over Scripture and the Doctrine of Justification by Peter M. Folan: An investigation of the differences between Martin Luther and the Council of Trent that led to arguably the most significant division in the Church.

A Short Guide to Writing About Biology by Jan A. Pechenik: A best-selling guide to locating useful sources, interpreting the results of statistical tests, maintaining laboratory and field notebooks, writing research proposals and poster presentations, writing applications, and communicating information to professionals and general audiences.

Hans Urs von Balthasar and the Phenomenology of Art: Broken Open by Beauty by Brett David Potter: The influential Jesuit theologian Hans Urs von Balthasar’s work has become a common point of reference in discussing the relationship between theology and the arts. Balthasar's philosophical and theological insights into the nature of art are presented as a resource for a constructive theology of art which "springs" from the depths of his theological aesthetics.

On the Eighth Day: A Catholic Theology of Sport by Matt Hoven, J.J. Carney, and Max T. Engel: Intersections between religious belief and sporting participation are nothing new, where players, coaches, and fans are known to pray, cross themselves, and point to the heavens during a game. But what should be the relationship between sports and religious faith?

Handbook of Niche Tourism edited by Marina Novelli, Joseph M. Cheer, Claudia Dolezal, Adam Jones, and Claudio Milano: By framing discussions around sustainable development thinking, concepts and practical applications, each chapter provides specific reflections on niche tourism trends, successes and/or failures, and the challenges and opportunities that destinations that pursue tourism as a vehicle for sustainable development face around the world.

Creating a Totally Inclusive University by Steven Whitehead and Pat O’Connor: This book introduces the concept and practices of Total Inclusivity to universities around the world. It is written to help universities contend with increasing public scrutiny and uncertainty around issues of diversity, equity, inclusion and justice now at the forefront of global higher education. LatinNews has been providing expert news, commentary, and analysis on Latin America and the Caribbean for over 50 years. In the past we have had a selective subscription to certain LatinNews publications, but beginning in 2023 Georgetown patrons will enjoy full access to all LatinNews content, including Latin America Special Reports, Latin American Economy & Business, Latin American Security & Strategic Review, and LatinNews Country Database.