Online Reservations Make Study Rooms Easy to Reserve

QR code on the door to a group discussion room.

Based on student feedback, we have created a new way to instantly reserve an open study room in Lauinger Library. QR codes have been posted on each study room door, which will take you directly to the study room reservation for that room. On that page, you can make an instant reservation at the top of each hour for a maximum of 3 hours twice a day.

You can also still make an advance reservation at

We have several room sizes available:

  • The smallest group study rooms (204, 205, 404, and 405 in Lauinger) comfortably accommodate up to six people
  • Larger rooms (222B and 222C in Lauinger, and the Blommer Science Library Group Study Room) accommodate up to eight people
  • The largest room (Millennium Room) accommodates up to ten.
  • Three more small group rooms (220E, 220G, and 220H) are reserved for faculty and grad students, and each of these rooms has a capacity of four people.

All rooms are equipped with a table and chairs and a wall-mounted LCD display with cables to connect a laptop or other devices.

Many of the individual study rooms on the second and fourth floor of Lau can also be reserved using this new system. (There are ten small rooms on the second floor of Lauinger Library that are and will remain first come, first served.)

Whether you are working on a group project or studying as a group, the group study rooms could be just what you need.