Recommended Reading: Inequality in the Ivory Tower

Illustration of three figures struggling to move a fourth.

May's Recommended Reading bookshelf focuses on the theme of "Inequality in the Ivory Tower." Taking its cue from recent academic works on the subject—including Facing Georgetown's History, edited by Georgetown Slavery Archive Curator and Associate Curator Adam Rothman and Elsa Barraza Mendoza—it features resources on inequality and representation within the university setting.

These works examine inequality through many lenses, attending to race, gender, nationality, religion, economic status, and disability within university settings, now and in the past. It will be of particular interest to those following the Library's Slavery, Memory, and Reconciliation initiatives, as well as Georgetown-wide discussions on first-generation students, reparations, and inclusivity more generally.

Find the Recommended Reading Bookshelf on the third floor of Lauinger Library starting the second week of May.