Classroom Educational Technology Services (CETS)

In 1970, the Georgetown University Library's Audio-Visual Learning Resource Center (A-VLRC) began providing instructional media and educational technology for library and in-class use. At that time, the library's "Audiovisual Department" had a small collection of open reel audio tapes, 1" video tapes, 16mm films, and slides. In 1975 the A-VLRC began its service of delivering instructional media and educational technology to main campus classrooms at the request of faculty, students, and staff. Summer 2001, the A-VLRC was reorganized, relocated, and named Classroom Educational Technology Services (CETS). July 1, 2006, CETS became a stand-alone department reporting to the Office of the University Registrar, assistant provost.

Both CETS and the former A-VLRC have been able to offer classroom delivery of media and educational technology through a unique program of hiring and training about 25 Georgetown University students each semester to work under the direction of a professional staff. The F-T staff and student assistants set up and solve problems with diverse technology (from overhead projectors, computers, smart lecterns to computer projectors) in classrooms throughout the main campus. As technology has come to play a greater role in our culture, its use in education has increased at Georgetown University.

During the 2007 academic year, this department delivered equipment and media to over 111,427 classes in ten classroom buildings. From slide projectors to network computing teaching labs and video conferencing, CETS provides a wide range of educational technology services described on their website.