Fines Overview

Overdue & Lost Item Penalties

Failure to return items when they are due results in various penalties, detailed below.

Books and Media


Overdue Penalty

Recalled items

$5 per day

Course reserve items

$1 per hour

WRLC books

$10 fine, item declared lost

WRLC media (DVD, CD)

$5 fine per day overdue

A patron’s library account is blocked at $100 in fines. This $100 threshold applies whether the fines come from overdue fines or replacement fees. Please refer to the Replacement Fees section below for more information.



Overdue Penalty

Lost penalty

Media equipment (cameras etc)

$1 fine per hour overdue

Replacement cost charged at 1 week overdue

AV accessories (cables etc)

$1 fine per hour overdue

Replacement cost charged at 1 week overdue

Replacement Fees

Books more than 40 days overdue and media items more than 10 days overdue are automatically declared lost and charged to the patron's record for replacement. The item replacement fee is $110 per item. Patrons have the option of purchasing a replacement copy independent of the library to reduce the cost. Please contact Access Services at 202 687-7607 for more information.


Replacement fee

Fee waived if:

Books and DVDs

$110, or replacement copy +$30

Item is returned before replacement is charged

Interlibrary Loan items

Determined by lending library

Please contact

Media equipment

(See explanation below)

Item is returned before replacement is charged

Media Equipment Replacement Fees

Borrowers will be assessed replacement charges for lost or broken items, and for equipment more than one week overdue. A $30 processing fee will be assessed in addition to the replacement costs and any overdue fines. Charges will be added to the student's account through the Bursar's office. If individual components are lost or broken, replacement costs are charged at fixed rates based on the value of the item:

Item’s value

Lost/Broken Fee

$0.00 - $75


$76.00 - $300


$301.00 - $700


Be advised that the rates above apply to individual components of media equipment kits. Lost items or kits above $700 will be charged on a case-by-case basis. If an entire kit is lost or damaged, you will be assessed a fee equal to the full value of every component in that kit.