Borrowing Government Documents

Georgetown Users

Patron Type Limitations Loan Period
Undergraduate Students Unlimited 6 weeks
Graduate Students Unlimited 1/15; 5/15
Tenure, tenure-track, and retired faculty Unlimited 1/31/2023
Adjunct, visiting, part-time faculty, and graduate lecturers Unlimited 5/31/2022
University Staff Unlimited 6 weeks
Postdoctorate & Affiliated Researchers Unlimited 6 weeks
Library Associates Maximium of 6 6 weeks
Medstar Staff Unlimited 4 weeks
Continuing Education Students Unlimited 6 weeks

Consortium Users

Patron Type Limitations Loan Period
WRLC Students Unlimited 6 weeks
WRLC Faculty Unlimited 1/31; 5/31; 9/30
WRLC Staff Unlimited 6 weeks
CIRLA Faculty & Graduate Students Maximum of 6 6 weeks

Other Borrowers

Patron Type Limitations Loan Period
Non-Georgetown Affiliated Faculty & College Students Library use only N/A
Library Visitors Library use only N/A
Corporate Borrowing Not Allowed N/A