Posting Fliers

Posting of fliers/posters in Lauinger Library is only permitted on the designated bulletin board in the third floor lobby area and in the Blommer Library on the bulletin board immediately to the right after entering. Fliers are removed once per week and/or when the event date has passed. Any fliers or materials found in unapproved areas will be discarded immediately. If improper posting of fliers results in damage to University property, the responsible party will be required to pay for repairs.

The following rules apply to all fliers and posters posted in the Library:

  1. Only members of the Georgetown University academic community may post fliers/posters related to Georgetown University affiliated events or information.
  2. Post only one flier/poster to allow for ease of reading and to give others equal opportunity to post.
  3. Fliers/posters should never be hung where they cover up any previously posted current materials.
  4. Due to fire and safety codes it is prohibited to post fliers/posters in stairwells, on doors, and on stair rails.​
  5. All fliers/posters must adhere to all standards in the University Speech and Expression Policy.

This policy is governed by the University Speech and Expression Policy.

The University Library reserves the right to update or change this policy at any time without notice.