The University Library is dedicated to providing a neutral, academic space for research, scholarship and study. For this reason, tabling not sanctioned by the Library is not permitted in any part of Lauinger or Blommer Libraries. This includes solicitation and advocacy tabling of all kinds, whether by University or external groups. Anyone found tabling in violation of these rules will be asked to cease immediately and relocate to a University-sanctioned tabling site outside of the libraries. Areas where tabling is permitted include:

1. Red Square, Leavey Lobby, Regents Lawn and the Healey Family Student Center with noted limitations for egress and safety.
2. In front of Lauinger Library, from the steps to the edge of Healy Hall provided that ample room is allowed for egress and safe passage along this pedestrian corridor.
3. Alumni Square Courtyard, provided that no reservations have been made through the Office of Campus Activities or the Alumni Square residential community for an event in this space.
4. Patio area at the base of the steps between Henle Village and Darnall Hall.

This policy is governed by the University Speech and Expression Policy.

The University Library reserves the right to update or change this policy at any time without notice.