Overhead Scanner

Two free overhead book scanners are located on the third floor of Lauinger Library, next to the water bottle filling station.

Users with a Georgetown NetID will be able to quickly scan pages from books or documents up to 17 x 24 inches. Scans can be saved to a USB drive or as an attachment via email. A foot pedal has been installed to assist with quick book scanning, allowing users to scan 18 pages in under a minute. The cradle your document or book sits on while being scanned can be set to lay flat for loose documents or angled in a V to hold a bound book, which eliminates glare and distortion in scans. Scans are set by default to "Auto Split" which intelligently splits book pages to one physical page per PDF page when scanning books.

Output Formats

  • PDF Image (default)
  • Searchable PDF
  • JPEG Image
  • PNG Image
  • Rich Text

Output Destinations

  • USB drive (via any of the three USB ports)
  • E-Mail (25 MB attachment limit)

Policies and Best Practices

  • Please limit your usage of the scanner to 5 minutes when someone else is waiting behind you.
  • Don’t see a symbol you need to type on the on-screen keyboard? Try hitting the Shift key to change the top row of numbers to symbols.
  • You can send your scans to any e-mail address.
  • Your first page scan must be initiated via the Scan button on the far right touchscreen. Subsequent page scans can be done via any scan button; the touchscreen directly underneath the book cradle or using the foot pedal. Note that the touchscreen underneath the book cradle does not reset its selected scan settings between sessions.
  • For clear book scans, hold the pages back with your fingers so that they are flat in relation to the book cradle panels. Use the foot pedal to scan with this method.
  • For best scans, the book or document should be placed as close to the middle of the cradle as possible, but the red focusing laser must also be visible on your document.
  • There is a 25 MB limit on email attachments, this equates to approximately 580 B&W pages or 70 color pages. There is no such limit when saving to USB drives.
  • After 5 minutes of inactivity, the scanner will end your session automatically (and any un-output scans will be deleted).
  • For more information regarding the scanner and the scanning process you can always refer to the Guide via its tab on the main screen or contact the Lauinger Service Desk.

In-Depth Documentation

Download a PDF version of the full KIC Bookeye guide