SMR: Descendants

There are many living descendants of the people who were once enslaved by Jesuits associated with the Maryland Province. Through extensive genealogical research, the sites below provide places for sharing family histories and telling the stories of the Descendant community.

GU272 Memory Project

The GU272 Memory Project is a collaboration among Descendants, the Georgetown Memory Project, and American Ancestors. This site features a searchable online database of genealogical data for GU272 families, historical information about the sale of the 272 enslaved persons, information about their families, and information on African American genealogy research.

The Georgetown Memory Project

Founded in 2015, the Georgetown Memory Project, an independent organization founded by Richard J. Cellini, a Georgetown alumnus. The group has a four-part mission:

  • Identify the people sold in 1838
  • Locate their living descendants
  • Acknowledge them as members of the Georgetown family
  • Honor their sacrifice & legacy

GU272 Descendants Association

The mission of the GU272 Descendants Association is "to support the goals, objectives and aspirations of all Descendants of the GU272, and further to represent the same interest of all other descendants of people enslaved before and after 1838 by the Jesuits of the Maryland Province of the Society of Jesus. The Association shall be, without limitation, an instrument and voice to pursue and address the mutual interest of all descendants through membership recruitment, financial support, public relations, community outreach, talent development, loyalty building, and demonstrated dedication and commitment to the legacy of the GU272 - Maryland Diaspora." The Association also has a Facebook page with news of interest to the Descendant community and others.

Descendants' Stories

The Georgetown Slavery Archive has a collection of Descendants' Stories.