Mission Statement

The Library’s Vision: A Great Library for a Great Global University

By the Year 2020, the University Library will be recognized as an “icon of transformation” for Georgetown University, empowering its communities to surpass their own aspirations and to have a global impact.

Georgetown University Library Strategic Initiatives 2015-2020

The Library’s Mission:

The Georgetown University Library is an agile organization that respects the heritage of the past while anticipating the requirements of the 21st century. By providing preeminent services, collections and spaces, the Library shapes the creation of knowledge, conserves culture for posterity, and transforms learning and research.

The Library’s Values:

To inform its work, and to endorse the Jesuit mission for higher education, the Georgetown University Library commits to the following values:

Integrity Honesty, fairness and professionalism in our work and with each other.

Quality: Performance at the highest levels, and accountability for our actions.

Diversity: Active recruitment for a diverse workforce and acquisition of diverse collections; and maintenance of a climate of openness and respect for all traditions, cultures and ideas.

Leadership: Cultivation of leadership at all levels of the organization, endorsement of informed risk-taking, and contribution to the advancement of the profession.

Collaboration: Open communication, collaboration and collegiality across the Library and University.

Lifelong Learning: Continuous pursuit of knowledge to enhance our work, and promotion of lifelong learning for our students and alumni.

A Distinctive Education: Reflections by Georgetown Jesuits on Education at Georgetown

The Library and Distinctive Education at Georgetown

The Library’s Goals:

 I          Deliver outstanding SERVICES which enable users to transform knowledge and achieve further discoveries, and to become self-sufficient, knowledgeable consumers of information.

II          Provide outstanding COLLECTIONS by developing, preserving and organizing materials that support the curriculum and research needs and aspirations of the University, and by campus-wide leadership in the organization and preservation of the University's digital content.

III        Develop flexible and innovative SPACES, both physical and virtual, that encourage research, teaching, learning, and collaboration, and that extend the library's services and collections to the global community.

IV       Recruit and retain a diverse STAFF committed to service excellence, continuous learning, and leadership within the library profession.

Endorsed by Lauinger Library Department Heads Advisory Council and Executive Council
13 June 2007

Revised 23 June 2008