DEI Resources - Introduction

After the Supreme Court ruling that race-conscious admissions were unlawful on June 29, 2023, President John J. DeGioia affirmed Georgetown University's commitment to an academic community that ensures “the full range of voices, histories, and experiences are included in our academic community as we work to fulfill our mission." The Library's Statement on Racial Justice, written after the murder of George Floyd in 2020, remains vital to our work today: "[w]e recognize our responsibility, both as individuals and as an institution, to contributing to solutions to the intractable problems of racism in America."

To work towards an inclusive community, we need to consider not only larger, overt, or systemic racist practices, but also the ways that all members of the Georgetown community can cooperate in support of diversity, equity, and inclusion. The DEI Committee recognizes that these issues are new for many of us and may be uncomfortable to discuss with others. To encourage better understanding and promote conversation on racism and other forms of bias within our own lives, our institutions, and our communities, we have compiled resources on the following topics:

Resource Guides

The Library's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee seeks to support learning, understanding, and action on the critical issue of racism and other forms of discrimination in America. The Library has developed several resource guides to promote a deeper understanding of systemic discrimination based on race, sex, sexual orientation and gender identity, and perceived disability:

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