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Please note: If you are planning an event that will be run and/or paid for by an entity other than a Georgetown University department, please email the KIE events coordinator - - to request a special reservation instead of using this form.
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All events in the Bioethics Research Library must be sponsored or co-sponsored (in the case of student groups or external institutions) by a Georgetown University Department. Please add all organizing groups below.
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Please help us understand the suitability of the Bioethics Research Library as a venue for your event.
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Reminder: You (the event coordinator) are responsible for coordinating all catering and A/V, and in many cases, specialized furniture rental such as lectern, seating, etc.
Additional Catering Information
Georgetown Caterer is the exclusive caterer of the Bioethics Research Library.

Paying for Your Event

Please enter cost center information for the Georgetown Department that will be paying for this event, using the new GMS financials format. This account will be billed for the room rental fee and to cover any damage or misuse of the room.
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