CANCELLED: Intro to Fusion 360

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Do you want to take your CAD skills to the next level? Is TinkerCAD no longer powerful enough to do what you want? This session is designed for those looking to expand their CAD (Computer-Aided Design) capabilities and explore a more powerful and versatile software tool. Fusion 360, developed by Autodesk, is a cutting-edge, cloud-based CAD software widely used in industries for product design, engineering, and manufacturing. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools for 3D modeling, simulation, and collaboration. This workshop is an ideal opportunity for anyone looking to get their feet wet using this parametric modeling tool. In the workshop we will be discussing the fundamentals of Fusion 360, how it's set up, the general workflow of designing, and creating a first model with good design practices.
4:00 PM – 6:00 PM

David Strout, Maker Hub Manager

Maker Hub, 1st Floor of Lauinger Library
Software Taught