Murray Conference Room Policies & Procedures

The following policies and procedures have been developed to ensure the proper use and preservation of this facility.

All requests, scheduling, and arrangements are handled by the Scheduling Coordinator in Library Administration.

All reservations are subject to cancellation based on priority needs.


The Murray Room is available to library staff for library-related meetings and events, and university faculty and staff for academic meetings and university-sponsored events. It is not available for use as a classroom or for non-university-related activities.

Library Departments: The Murray Room is available to library staff for library-related meetings and events. Library-related meetings are given priority use of the Murray Room.

University Departments Sponsored by Library Departments: If a University group is sponsored by a Library Department or staff to use the Murray Room, they are subject to the Library use policies. if, and only if, the sponsoring Library Department handles all arrangements and takes full responsibility for the event. Otherwise, the University use policies apply.

University Departments: Any department in the University can apply to use the room, but they are subject to increased guidelines as outlined below. The room is not available for use as a weekly scheduled classroom. PLEASE NOTE: The Murray Room does not allow food or catering of any kind when in use by University Departments. Please do not submit a request if your event involves a planned meal, snacks, or catering.


University Departments

Reservations by University groups are accepted at least 1 week before the requested meeting, and must be received via the online Murray Room Request Form. To check availability, call the Scheduling Coordinator at (202) 687-7425. On the form, indicate the time of the meeting and the times you would like the reservation to start and end. Your reservation is not complete until you receive written confirmation from the Scheduling Coordinator.

Library Departments

The Murray Room is in high demand, therefore, it is suggested that library-related meetings be booked as far in advance as possible (to guarantee that you are not competing with a University event, book at least 30 days in advance). Holds can be placed for tentative meetings, but are subject to review. Reservations should be made at least 1 week prior to use. Due to some meetings needing special room setups, please allow a minimum of 30 minutes between the start and end of each meeting. For example, if the meeting before your requested time ends at 10:30 am, you should book your meeting starting at 11:00 am. On some occasions, more time may be required to accommodate arranging the room to its standard setup. Should this be the case, you will be notified as far in advance as possible of a need to reschedule your meeting time. Use of the Murray Room always requires a confirmed calendar reservation.

Access to the Murray Room

The Murray Room is located on the 5th floor of Lauinger Library and is locked at all times. Instructions for picking up the key are below. All persons entering Lauinger Library must show either a GOCard (if GU- affiliated) or government-issued photographic ID. Non-GU-affiliated visitors must sign in at the guard desk. It is important to inform all attendees of your meeting of this policy. If you have several non-GU affiliated guests for your meeting, you may expedite the entering process by sending a list of attendees to Scheduling Coordinator at least 24 hours before your event. Visitors who are on the list will only need to show a government-issued photographic ID to enter and will not have to sign in.

University Departments

Hosts must check out the Murray Room key from the Service Desk on the 3rd floor of Lauinger. Only the meeting coordinator or designee listed on the Murray Room Request Form is permitted to do so. They must have a valid Georgetown University GOCard and present a copy of the confirmation letter. Upon the completion of the meeting, the designee is responsible for ensuring that the Murray Room is locked and that the key is returned to the Service Desk by the end of the reservation period. Failure to return the key to the Service Desk could result in a fee charged to your cost center. Under no circumstances should the key be held overnight. Do not leave the room unlocked or unattended at any time. Food and drink are not permitted in the Murray Room for any University Department meetings.

Library Departments

All Library staff can check out the key from the Lauinger Service Desk, providing they have a confirmed calendar reservation. You are responsible for locking the room after the meeting and returning the key to the Service Desk by the end of the reservation period.

Room Setup

The standard set up of the Murray Room is a hollow square with eight tables and 20 chairs. Room use is limited to events of 10 persons or more. Capacity is 50 people.

University Departments

The room is available only in the standard set up and cannot be rearranged. If the furniture is moved or there is any damage to the furniture or the room, your ability to use the room may be suspended and your cost center may be charged. If necessary, the Library reserves the right to change the Murray Room setup without notice.

Library Departments

If you require a different configuration, it must be indicated on the form at the time the reservation is made or via email to no later than 2:00 p.m. the Friday before your meeting to allow for necessary set up time.

Library Departments have three choices for setup: Standard (tables with hollow middle), Theatre (five rows of five chairs on either side of center aisle, no tables and Custom (tailored setup). If custom setup is needed, allow at least one hour between your meeting time and any reservations scheduled. It may not be possible to accommodate all requests for setup changes. If the Facilities Coordinator cannot accommodate your request, you are responsible for making arrangements within your own department to rearrange the furniture. If you rearrange the furniture, the room must be returned to its original setup by the end of your reservation time.

Multimedia Equipment

The following multimedia equipment is available in the Murray Room: Dell laptop (equipped with internet access and Microsoft Office), CD/DVD Player, amplified computer audio, LCD projector, projection screen, microphone and Polycom phone. For use of any multimedia equipment, please complete the Multimedia section of the Murray Room Request Form. If you have a special request for equipment not listed above, please put it on the form and the Scheduling Coordinator will make every effort to accommodate it. Please note that the room is small and a microphone is rarely necessary.

The library is responsible for the set up and removal of all multimedia equipment. However, you are responsible for the equipment for the duration of your reservation time and any damages or missing equipment will be charged to your cost center.

If a major maintenance or hardware problem occurs, please report this to the Scheduling Coordinator (Room 510) and he/she will contact the appropriate staff member.

Other Equipment and Services

The Murray Room is equipped with four sliding whiteboards. ONLY dry-erase markers are permitted on the boards and are located in the right-hand drawer under the boards. Erase all boards thoroughly at the completion of your meeting and replace all markers and erasers in the drawer.

Do not use or write on the SmartBoard behind the whiteboards.

An easel and podium are permanently stored in the Murray Room and available to users. Whiteboard cleaning wipes are available on the bottom shelf of the podium. Users are responsible for providing any and all additional equipment, such as markers, pads and paper.

User Responsibility and Rules

Murray Room access is provided as a convenience and service to the library and campus community. Please respect all rules and responsibilities to ensure continued availability of the facility. Failure to comply may result in suspension of access to the room or a charge to your cost center.

  • The Murray Room cannot be left unattended at any time.
  • The doors to the room must be kept closed at all times due to the proximity of students and patrons using the library. Please keep the noise level at a minimum.
  • Library Departments: It is the responsibility of the staff member booking the room to ensure all setups, catering, phone access and other needs are met. All such arrangements must be made through the department booking the meeting and then forwarded to the Scheduling Coordinator. When hosting outside groups, staff must be on-hand to greet their guests and provide proper setup.
  • All groups are responsible for cleanup of the room, including removing trash and any other meeting materials left behind.
  • Thoroughly erase all whiteboards upon the completion of your meeting.
  • Do not use or write on the SmartBoard.
  • Do not sit on the tables or use furniture in any way except for its intended purpose.
  • Food and drink are not permitted in the Murray Room for any University Department reservations.
  • Smoking is prohibited in the library.
  • Turn off all lights and the projector, if applicable, before leaving the room.
  • Lock the Murray Room when the meeting has ended, and return the key to the Lauinger Service Desk.
  • Report any problems or concerns to the Scheduling Coordinator.


Cancellations of meetings must be communicated in writing to the Scheduling Coordinator no fewer than four business days before the scheduled event. Failure to cancel events within four business days may result in a $100 cancellation fee.

Damage Fees

In all cases, the department listed on the Murray Room Request Form will be responsible for all damage and cleaning costs incurred during the reservation time.