Authorization Request for Use of Murray Room

Contact Information
The Murray Room is available to library staff for library-related meetings and events, and university faculty and staff for academic meetings and university-sponsored events. It is not available for use as a classroom or for non-university-related activities.
While the Murray Room is available to rent free of charge, the department and cost center listed on the Murray Room Request Form will be responsible for any damage, cleaning costs, or lost key replacement incurred during the reservation time.
Designee is responsible for pick-up and return of key at the Circulation Desk, 3rd floor, Lauinger Library. The key can be picked up any time after your reservation starts and must be returned on the same day as the event. You must bring a copy of your confirmation with you to pick up the key.
Meeting Information
No ongoing classes allowed
No more than 50
Monday through Friday ONLY
This is not necessarily the meeting time, but when you will be arriving to set up.
Room Configuration
The standard room setup is a hollow square with 8 tables and 20 chairs with additional chairs around the room perimeter. The room is not available in other configurations and the furniture cannot be moved. If the furniture is moved or there is any damage to the furniture or the room at the end of your meeting, your ability to use the room may be suspended and your cost center may be charged. If necessary, the Library reserves the right to change the Murray Room setup without notice.

The following equipment is available in the Murray Room:

  • Dell Laptop Computer (equipped with Microsoft Office Suite)
  • CD/DVD Player
  • Microphone
  • Amplified Computer Audio
  • LCD Projector
  • Projection Screen
Will you be using your own laptop?
The Murray Room provides a laptop for your use that is already hooked into all the systems in the room. We strongly recommend that you use the laptop provided, and use it to log into your personal Google Drive, Box drive, email, etc, or bring a handheld USB drive with your presentation or materials on it.
If you need Multimedia Equipment that is not listed on the list above, please list your needs here and we will do our best to accommodate it.
I have read the Murray Room Policy and Guidelines completely and understand it is the responsibility of the person requesting the room to coordinate all details of the meeting/event including setup and cleanup. I understand that I am fully responsible for the lockup of the Murray Room using the key provided and returning the key to the Circulation Desk immediately after use of the room. Fees will be charged to the cost center number below if the key is lost or misplaced or if the room is not restored its original setup or condition. I understand that the Library has the right to cancel my confirmed reservation or rearrange the room on an emergency basis.
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