Develop Skills with LinkedIn Learning

Illustration of a student working at a laptop with a pet cat

Summer is the perfect time to develop skills you need but might not have time to learn during the school year—and LinkedIn Learning is here to help.

LinkedIn Learning offers thousands of video courses on business, creative, and technology topics. Preparing for a job search? Learn to master common interview questions, how to succeed in a case study interview, and what interviewers want to hear when they ask you to “tell me about yourself.” Need to make a pivot table in Excel? Master the basics in 23 minutes, or spend a few hours for in-depth training. You’ll find the training you need in marketing, Photoshop, video production, programming in Python, salary negotiation, search engine optimization, Google analytics, podcasting, preparing for a career certification, and so much more.

“I recommend my students use LinkedIn Learning tutorials as a follow-up to the workshops I teach,” said Barrinton Baynes, multimedia specialist at the Library. Baynes regularly provides training in video editing software like Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, and iMovie. “If they need a refresher regarding content I covered, they can refer to LinkedIn Learning."

The Library provides free, unlimited access to LinkedIn Learning for all Georgetown faculty, students and staff. You can access it 24/7, at your own pace, from your computer or the LinkedIn Learning mobile app for your device and watch entire courses or single tutorial videos as you need them.